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Episode 02 Your Awesome Audit : Awesome By Design Podcast


Key Points In This Launch Episode:

In this episode Pam shares with you her ‘Awesome Audit’ strategy and how it can help you to live your Awesome Life By Design.

    1. Column #1 : Write down all the things that you are good at using the template below [listen to podcast for examples];
    2. Column #2:  Write down the things you love to do in your job or business;
    3. Column#3: What are the things you like to do outside of working hours?
    4. Is there a snap or match between any of the three columns and if so highlight it.
    5. Last column write down the things you WISH you could do for a living right now.

Ask yourself this question. Who are the people that I look at with envy?  The people you would love to trade places with them because they have an Awesome Life. That is what I want you to put in the last column.

Go ahead and download this week’s template and complete and then keep your eye out for part two of the Awesome Audit in next week’s show.

This Week’s Awesome Action:

Download the Awesome Audit Part 1 Download below and make sure to listen in to episode 02 Awesome Audit P2 to complete your Awesome Audit task. Click the link below to download this week’s template. Awesome Audit Template P1