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Episode 04 How to Live A Millionaire Lifestyle on A Six Figure Income


Key Points In This Episode:

In this episode Pam shares with you her strategies for living a Millionaire lifestyle on a six figure income.

  • Where is that place that you have always dreamt of living?
  • Picture it in your mind and write it down.
  • The key to making it a reality is to break in to that area. You have to start somewhere..
  • You have to activate the motion towards where you want to be.
  • What you are doing is creating a complete mindset shift of believing you can live there instead of WISHING you could live there.

Tip:  If you want to achieve something in life, it is a lot easier to achieve it when you hang around with people who are already living your dream.


“Anything is possible you just have to figure out what you need to achieve it” @pambrossman This Week’s Awesome Action:

  • Write down where it is you want to live – your dream location, street, house, country.
  • Then write down the minimum it would cost you to move to that location.
  • Then write down how much you would need to stretch to make this a reality.
  • Now start looking for places to live in that location. If it is close by go and walk around. If it is further away check it out online.
  • You have to start making a space for it in your mind of it becoming a reality.

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