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Episode 06: How To Make More Money Giving Your Products Away


Key Points In This Episode:

Here is the strategy in a nutshell and it is very easy to implement.

  • Look for leaders who have your exact target market in your industry or in a related industry [eg the people who have your target market before or after you]
  • Find out when they are doing their next product launch and if they have an affiliate program if they don’t then introduce the concept to them [will cover this in another business boost]
  • Sign up to their affiliate program
  • Give away your high value product as a bonus [depending on the commission will depend on which product you choose]
  • Share the experts product launch with your community and also on social media letting people know that you have an amazing bonus if they purchase through your link.
  • Wait till the cooling off period is over
  • Give out your amazing bonus and collect your affiliate commission win/win/win.

Why this strategy is good for your business

  1. You are supporting other experts and creating joint venture opportunities
  2. It gets you infront of other people’s lists
  3. It gives you another income stream from your own products
  4. It introduces your expertise to the expert’s list that may not have heard of you before
  5. If you are successful it creates other joint venture partnerships in the future.

In next week’s Awesome Boost I am going to share with you how to leverage this to make even more wealth into your business.

This Week’s Awesome Action:

  • Go and find out who has affiliate programs in your niche market and ask how you can support them
  • Or, keep an eye out for leaders running product launches that have your target market and join their affiliate programs.
  • Note, make sure you are happy to put your brand and business behind the product and the company before becoming an affiliate.

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