Take Action Tuesday – Email Body Copy

How to Write Actionable Email Copy

Tips to getting better email click through rates:

  • Your first line of copy is very important, especially it is what most people can read in their preview window and it is what causes them to delete or open after reading the headline.
  • Keep your emails short it has been proven statistically that shorter emails get more clicks [so stop putting your newsletters in your emails, noone is reading them!]
  • Where you place your links [calls to action] in your email is very important. Make sure to have your link:
  1. Once in the open of your email
  2. Once in the body copy of your email
  3. Once in the close of your email
  • Intro – Link – Curiosity
  • Body – Benefit – Link
  • Close – Scarcity – Link
  • If you use PS and PPS in your emails which you should all be doing put your link at the end of the PPS for a final reminder to click and take action.

Image Placement in Emails:

  • If you are using emails make sure the thumbnail has a play icon on the picture
  • Put a caption under your image on your landing page [use the same image in your email as on your blog post, consistency of imagery is important]

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