Brand New Web Builder

Super Cool New Website Funnel Builder

Now I don’t know about you, but I find I am building sales pages just about ever week and finding an easy solution that did everything I needed was costing an arm and a leg. Just this week I got quoted $2k plus $400 per hour for additional edits for a one page website. So when this came along this week, it was like a breath of fresh air. Here is why I am going to give the 14 day FREE Trial a go.

  • It has been built by an internet marketer who has been around for 10 years in the industry who I respect immensely
  • He understands online marketing funnels better than most people I know
  • He understands the frustrations on ‘non techie’ people like me and make it super easy to use. ed drag and drop and click and edit
  • Plus most importantly he has created every sales and website page scenario I use in my day to day running of my business including
  1. Opt-in landing pages
  2. Sales Pages with or without video
  3. Sales funnels with trips wires and one click upsells
  4. Product launch sequence
  5. Memberships
  6. Automated webinar funnels

Now let me see….$2,000 for one website or $37 per month for 5 funnels and if I need more  I can upgrade.  No brainer really. Anyway, if you want to check out the Free 14 day trial like I am doing click the link below:

Click here to check out the new website builder.

For those of you who have your own community who you think may be interested in this new website builder and who want to promote it as an affiliate [which I teach all my community to do to create multiple streams of income for their business]

You can sign up using the link below.

 Web Funnel Affiliate Program Click Here

Click Funnels





Give it a whirl, try out the 14 day free trial and if it is not for you then just cancel your membership.

Stop Being A She Zombie

What is wrong with everyone?

This has been bugging me for a while and I decided I could no longer ignore this epidemic that has been growing before my eyes over the last 12 months. At first I thought it must be a faze women entrepreneurs were going through, but as the months went by I just saw it getting worse and worse.

Women who were once alive and thriving, are now just existing online, living ground hog day on social media, in their business and day to day lives.

Even I went through it for a short time too, so I know what it feels like.

I call it SheZombies.

So what are SheZombies and do you have the symptoms?

  • Lost your spark, drive and mojo
  • Lost your  passion for your business
  • Going through the motions day in and day out
  • Overwhelmed and feeling like you are on a treadmill to no where
  • Lost your vision, your dream and your mission
  • Everything around you just seems like noise, and you have lost interest
  • Just going through the motions and have stopped growing personally, professionally and spiritually

So if you are feeling a bit lost and disheartened in your business don’t worry you are not alone

There are many women who seem to have lost their spark because their passion for what they are doing is just not there and their sense of fun, community, giving and vision has slowly disintegrated into a world of SheZombies on the world wide web.

It’s Not Your Fault

I have noticed a great divide happening in the mentoring community online in the last 18 mths whereby coaching has become so far beyond reach for the average woman that they have been left floundering to figure it out for themselves in a sea of blog posts, webinars, social media snippets and events with little to no results in their business.

The help that was once there and accessible to the majority has now turned into a minority group of  7 figure earners only interested in the high 6 figure affluent clientelle.

So where does that leave the 5  to low 6 figure women to go to?

That is when I came up with an idea and I wanted to share it with you to see what you think.

I believe it is time for a shake-up in the industry.  And if you agree I’m prepared to do something about it.

I don’t know about you but I love it when …

  • I have a challenge that is so far out of my comfort zone I get goosebumps thinking about it;
  • I have a purpose and a mission that has me waking up in the middle of the night with amazing ideas to implement the next day;
  • I get to hang out with like-minded women who want to help each other achieve big audacious results;
  • I have deadlines that create a positive shift in my life, my business, my health and my personal wealth;
  • I am contributing to something bigger than just me;
  • I’m making a personal impact on the world and thriving in all areas of my life at the same time;
  • I can share my expertise and help other women reach their dreams too;
  • But most importantly….thatI can wake up each and every day and say ‘MY LIFE IS AWESOME’ and know that everyone in this women’s community is feeling exactly the same way.

I want to invite you to join me in creating a new ‘Awesome Movement for women wanting bigger things in their lives!

I believe the women entrepreneur community is a bit lost, dis-empowered and unsupported and I for one want to change that feeling.

I want to build this momentum together with you because I truly believe collectively we can create a huge positive wave that will impact the lives of many women around the world.

I have an idea that I think you are going to love. But before I dedicate time and energy to creating this amazing hub for women. A place for you to activate | accelerate | achieve huge positive ripples in all areas of your life, I have to know if you want to join me.

Just Be Warned…..This is NOT going to be some  ‘Warm & Fuzzy Self Help Group’

This is not going to be another ‘happy girls forum’ to hang out in and make each other feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. No way there are already plenty of those online already.

This is going to be HUGELY different.  This is going to be a place where you will be challenged to push through barriers that you never thought possible.

A place where I may even push your buttons, make you face some harsh realities while showing you how to create massive positive change in your life to get the results you have always dreamed of achieving.

Let’s Get Serious

I mean let’s get serious for a moment.  You only get one chance at this thing called life, so what are you waiting for?

Time is running out baby and no one can make it happen but YOU!

I want to create a community where you will create ‘A WIN’ in all areas of your life including:

All while reaching your big audacious goals!

We are talking BIG Success Growth Spurts

It will be a place where buttons will be pushed, but results will be massive.

A place where the support, attitude and intelligence will be superior to any other group or community you’ve ever been a part of  before, because failing forward is the only way to win the game! Somewhere where each and every day you will be creating ‘A Win’.

I Truly Believe In Your Awesomeness

Let’s build a movement for many women to grow, prosper and give together.

If this is a community that you would be interested in being a part of can you please opt-in below to show your interest. If there is enough desire to create this HUMONGOUS POSITIVE SHIFT …..then I will make it happen!

Please fill out the 4 question survey below [use the grey slider to scroll down and submit] and opt-in if you want to know more about the launch when it happens.



Your Boringness Is Killing Your Business

Boring Sucks – there I said it…But it’s fixable!

My Success Tipping Point That Changed My Life….

People often ask me what I did to create my business success in such a short period of time in several niche markets.

At first I did not really know,because like most people I was just trying everything and hoping for the best when I first started out over 7 years ago.

But  it wasn’t until I was having drinks one night with Frank Kern in the bar, that the light bulb went off, and I have never looked back.

So what did Frank say to me that night?

Frank said…. ‘It is not about Who YOU know…it is about Who Knows You!’

That’s when I realised that I had to focus solely on the mediums and relationships that made me stand out…..and it worked.

  1. I started with an online magazine called ‘Social Media Woman’ which was a huge success. Why? Because back then no one was really doing it and ‘celebrities’ hang out in magazines.  It was not rocket science! In less than 9 months I had a global brand from scratch and I was making good money.
  2. Then I moved into video [which was really hard for me because I hated being in front of the camera]. But once again it was the medium leaders were using so I forced myself to do it. In less than 6 months I was one of the leaders in this market. So much so that my husband joined forces with me because it was working so well.
  3. Fast forward to now and that medium of choice is…drum roll….‘A Book’. I have to be honest this has been the EASIEST by far to attract success into my business. Why? Because people of AUTHORITY write books and people flock to people of AUTHORITY….simple really. 

Do you see a pattern here?  

I am no different to you or anyone else.  The difference is I am using the medium of the moment ‘earlier than anyone else’ to dominate a market and it has worked 3 TIMES and I am about to do it again very soon using another medium.


  • Because it’s fun and I love a challenge!
  • It makes me a very healthy income every time I do it.
  • Plus, it allows me to help other people….which I love to do.

Having a Book on Amazon is the current medium of choice that is working RIGHT NOW!

Do You Think I Like Writing Books?

Heck no, I failed English for crying out loud. So why do I keep doing it? Because it has brought me more success in the last 2.5 years than all my business efforts combined.

 So here is the point I want to make

  • If you are still blending into the crowd
  • Not being seen as the “Authority’ in your industry
  • Not attracting the affluent, being asked to speak on stages, do joint ventures, interviews in the media and raising your prices above ALL your competitors

Then it is time to get off your BUTT and do something about it.  I will say it again BLENDING IN SUCKS!

Get out of your comfort zone like I have done 3 times and make it happen!


Let Me Help You Stand Out With A Book…It Is EASY!

Check out my FREE 60 Min Book Writing Cheat Sheet and I challenge you to have a go at mapping out your ‘Stand Out’ book in just 60 mins.

If you get stuck on a HOT TOPIC then you may find this video training helpful.

How To Find A HOT Book Topic’ Video Training & Report.

I believe in your Awesomeness…do you?

PS if you are in Sydney this Wednesday 17th September and want to learn more about becoming an Authority Factor in your business in the next 12 weeks then make sure to grab a seat at Steve’s event in North Sydney.  Details below…. 

Self Publish You

Own TV Show From One Book

When I met Jo, she was already a successful energy coach and doing really well in her industry. But she wanted more.

With a passion for teaching people how to live longer, healthier and happier lives, she knew she was here to make a bigger impact and just wasn’t sure the fastest way to get her message out into the world.

Jo came across one of our events and we explained to her the power and leverage of using Amazon’s global distribution to reach a wider audience and she decided to give it a try.

Joanna’s number one bug bear was people’s unhealthy diet and eating habits. Something she knew was causing 75% of all the ill health problems in people’s lives.

Having run several healthy eating retreats, and being a master chef herself, we came up with the brand of Celebrity Organic Chef and decided to launch her first book Rocket Fuel On A Budget as a recipe book to help people change their eating habits.

Joanne’s first book took a little bit longer to produce then was planned, but the pay-off was well worth it.

She went on to get #1 Best Seller as well as in the top 100 in the whole of Amazon during her launch. She quickly realised that there were many people all over the world that needed her expertise and she was excited.

We repackaged some of her programs creating more online programs to reach her new global database. We then used some of our marketing strategies and Amazon’s highly targeted traffic to drive people into her online product funnels to grow her business and her brand internationally.

In the last 12 months since launching her book this is what has happened:

  • Invited to host her own TV show on Channel 7 HealthyMeTV;
  • Invited to be a paid contributor to several national print magazines including Good Organic Gardening;
  • Invited to speak around the world at her mentor’s events;
  • Speaking gigs with several companies and corporations;
  • Recently launched her second book once again becoming a #1 Best Seller;
  • Store owners are now stocking her book in bulk;
  • Joint ventures with several other businesses for her new online programs; plus more opportunities in the pipeline overseas.

Jo went from being an expert to a celebrity authority in her industry in a very short period of time. And the doors continue to open.

If you are a coach, health professional, or someone who wants to help more people then now is the perfect time share that expertise in a self published book. It is time to get that expertise out of your head and leverage the distribution power of Amazon to help more people while positioning your expertise at the same time.

It is time to SELF PUBLISH YOU!


47,000 in One Day From Becoming A Best Seller

Becoming An Author Could Change Your Life Too….

Over the coming week I want to share with you some of the amazing stories of people who are leveraging a book and Amazon to boost their business, brand and bank balance.
Sometimes you know you want to write a book, but are not quite sure what topic to choose or how to maximise that book for the biggest impact. My wish for you is that by sharing these stories, it may be the catalyst to help you launch your own book and success story this year too.
If you have not already entered the competition to win the Best Seller Course you can click on the link below to enter.
Yes Pam I want To Enter To Win The Chance To Write A Best Seller This Year

Maria Pau’s Story.

Maria joined my book course late 2013 with a mission to help more people overcome addiction. She wanted to create a bigger coaching program that could touch more people’s lives. Little did I realise how much she would touch my life with her amazing story.
Having come from a colourful life herself, from a very young age, and finally turning her life around, she realised that a book may just be what she needed to help more people cure their addiction and live a better life just like she had been able to do.
Maria has a coaching business called Coaching With Substance and for the last 3 years she had been trying to sell her $3,000 coaching program with little success. Not because it wasn’t great, but because people did not realise her area of expertise or that she was there to help them.
After listening to us on stage, she realised that she needed to reposition her knowledge and expertise with a book to allow her to stand out and have better credibility in her coaching business. Even though she had all the degrees and qualifications, it was not helping her get the message out to the people who needed her help as fast as she’d planned.
Maria bought the Best Seller Program and decided that very night, to absorb the entire course. [Most people take about 8 wks]. She was a woman on a mission and I for one was impressed.
Within 8 weeks she had not only written and edited her book, but launched it to Best Seller status as well.
During her book writing process Naria gained the confidence to run another seminar where she spoke about her up and coming Best Selling book. That’s right failure was never an option for Maria. Heck if she could beat addiction and bipolar she could achieve anything.
It was at this seminar that she was able to sell $47,000 worth of coaching in one day. Why? Because she positioned herself and her coaching as a leader and gained their trust and instant credibility for her expertise. Something that is so important these days in business.
Not only that, she went on to win Best Not for Profit award at the 2014 Asia Pacific Business Excellence Awards. As well as a story on Channel 9.
To say I was proud was an understatement!

Never let your beginning or your past be the last chapter in your book.

Maria Pau is living proof that anything is possible when you believe in your AWESOMENESS!
Since then she has gone on to write four #1 Best Sellers and her business is growing rapidly.
At the age of 11 this woman was pretty much on the streets living a pretty unsavoury lifestyle. Now she is changing lives.

What message, experience or expertise is sitting inside of you that could impact the lives of many?

Are you ready to SELF PUBLISH YOU?

Enter the competition to see if you can make it a reality this year just like Maria Pau.
Click the image below for details.

I believe in your awesomeness.