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Woo Hoo you are registered and I am so excited to have you joining our very first ‘Catapult You 8 Week Self Publishing Bootcamp”.  We are going to have a great time.

A few things before we launch on the 1st March 2016.

Make sure to send Pam Brossman a friend request on facebook so you can join our fantastic Best Seller Author Forum.  Here is Pam’s facebook url.
Note: This is not compulsory, as we will be having live Q&A each week, but it is where I will be hanging out for the 8 weeks with all the authors, so I highly recommend you join in the fun.
Keep your eye open for some pre-launch training to help you start thinking about your book, target audience, topic and a few other things to get you excited prior to starting the course on the 1st of March.

If you have any questions please email and we will get back to you within 24/48 hours depending on the day.

That’s it. Nothing more to do except come and introduce yourself in the Best Seller Forum and start networking with all the other authors.

Many of the earlier authors are going to be joining us too as they endeavour to self publish their 2nd or 3rd Best Seller. Yes you will soon learn that writing a book is highly addictive 🙂

Once again, I am so excited to be helping you write, self publish and launch your book on Amazon to create your Living Legacy and Personal Impact on the world.

Wait till you see your name up there on Amazon, it is the most amazing feeling ever.
Let’s Make It Happen!