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Have You Used Blab Yet?

What is Blab?

It is a new live stream communications platform similar to Periscope but better.

Here is why I like Blab better than Periscope and why you should jump on too:

  • You do not have to have an apple device or mobile device to be able to use it, you can Blab directly from your computer;
  • You can pre-schedule in advance when you want to do a blab;
  • It records the blab [by choice] and sends you an email of your video, plus audio, plus embed code to post to your blog or website.
  • They promote you on their home page [which is getting HUGE traffic at the moment]
  • It is tied to your Twitter account and they promote it directly to your stream to let people know you are live.
  • People can subscribe and follow you before you even run your live stream.
  • You can speak to up to 4 people at once and invite people in and out of the chat.
  • More features are being added daily
  • An app for mobile users is being launched shortly
  • You can record in Landscape which is perfect for video and social media sharing [portrait sucks].
  • It does not chew up your phone like Periscope does.
  • You can record up to 6 hours if you want to [I recommend 15-30 mins max unless you are teaching something].

Why I am excited…

Because it is still in Beta,so if you missed the boat with Periscope it is once again a level playing field for you to lead on this new platform. Lots of people [serious leaders and marketers] are jumping ship and moving from Periscope to Blab because it is more business focused which I love.

Lots of new marketing strategies coming into my head already including

  • Teaching
  • Book launches
  • Interviewing
  • Promotions
  • Competitions
  • Q&A
  • The potential is limitless.

Go and check it out and have a go it is fun and super easy to use.



Chris Duncan and Pam Brossman Blab