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  • I will send you the link to the private facebook group next week. So keep your eye open for your email next week.
  • The more people who do the challenge, the more reach you can get as we will be creating sharing/viewing groups, so if you know of anyone else who may like to join please send them to
  • 30 Day Challenge begins 1st March, come into the FB Group and introduce yourself and share what industry you are in so that you can find other participants with the same target market in different niches. [IThe FB Group is a Secret Group, I will send you all a link to join at the same time 2nd week of February]. In the meantime start practicing at home on your phone. [don’t need to do it live, just have fun recording on your phone].
  • The first live mentoring session will be Tuesday 7th March 9.30am Queensland time 10.30am Sydney time.
  • I will be networking with you via live stream making sure you have everything you need in the group. Plus, you can do some pre-practice and market research while waiting for our first mentoring session.
  • Your personal time requirement is only 2 x 1 hour per week for mentoring and Q&A. 1 hour Tuesday at 9.30am and 1 hour Thursday at 9.30am for Q&A.  The rest of the time is yours to practice and implement what you learn.
  • I have also created a private practicing group for those of you who are not comfortable going live straight away. Yes I know what it is like to start from scratch, which is why we have a safe private practice area to test before going live on your pages.  You can request to join that group once we are all together in the FB Group. [not compulsory, only for those wishing to practice first]. The link below will not be live till last week of Feb to do some pre-practice before we begin 1st March.
  • Everything else that you need will be given to you each week and Pam will be live streaming activities, mentoring and instructions within our private facebook group.
  • While you wait for it to begin, network with others, make a list of any questions you have, or ideas you may wish to ask about and share them in the group.
  • ALL questions must be asked within the Forum only, so please do not contact Pam personally as she will only respond if it is urgent or of a private nature.
  • It is going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to spend the  next 30 days helping you to Master Live Streaming for Business.

All of the instructions are included in the FB Private Group. Very Important there is to be no Live Streaming in the mentoring group. That is what the private practice group is for. Only live streams will be from Pam so that we keep the mentoring area clean and easy for everyone to find training and resources 🙂

Let The Live Streaming Fun Begin 1st March 2017!

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