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Let’s start your Positive Ripple today…

Everyone has a book waiting to be written …

Yes even you!

Have you ever read a book that had a profound impact on your life?

  • Helped you get over a personal hurdle or tragedy?
  • Inspired you to get out there and try something new?
  • A ‘how to’ book that taught you a skill or improved your knowledge?
  • Or perhaps a motivational or inspirational book that created a positive shift in your life?

Now, imagine if that was your knowledge, expertise, passion, inspirational message or story impacting someone else’s life…how mazing would that be? That is the real reason people write a book. To create a positive ripple on the lives of others. Let me ask you a question…..

If you could share a message that could impact the lives of others what would that be?

Plant your ‘book seed’ below in the comments box and let’s start your ripple today. Every impact on the world starts with a ‘thought seed’. Once it germinates, there is no stopping you! If you would like to learn how to get your amazing message out of your head and up there on Amazon reaching thousands and thousands of people, register for the our FREE ‘Book In Me’ live events from 7-10 July in Bris | Syd | Mlb | Perth. Let us help you make your book a reality this year!

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