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Are You Using Gift Books?

Have You Gifted Your Knowledge Yet?

Want to know the easy way to do it?

With A Kindle Book…


Author Central

  • Amazon marketing your knowledge and expertise for free [see image below]
  • Sending people a gift with your expertise on the #1 Platform where Experts and Thought Leaders share their knowledge
  • Instant credibility, global branding and positioning
  • Lead generator
  • Marketing strategies galore for your products, services and business
  • That is just the tip of the iceberg

If you have not positioned your expertise on Amazon yet then click on the button below and join the 30 Day Book Writing Challenge. It will be the best decision you make for your business this year!


How To Get FREE PR Easily


Want some?

Watch video to see how I am getting LOTS and LOTS of FREE PR for my business and my brand and how you can do the same.

Do you think you have some….

  • Knowledge
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Wisdom
  • Inspirational or Motivational
  • Tools, Tips & Strategies

That could help another person?

If you don’t, you would be the only person on the planet I know who does not.

Thing is…it is stuck in your head and not up on Amazon.

Don’t worry I can fix that.

Click on the image and watch the video to see how you can get your knowledge, expertise, wisdom, tips, tools and strategies up on Amazon in the next 30 Days starting 25th July. Plus start attracting your own FREE PR at the same time!


95% Can’t Be Bothered

Which One Are You 5% or 95%

Wow who would have thought it would be this popular. 20 people registered for my very first 30 Day Book Writing Challenge in just 24 hours!

I know you are probably thinking…. ’20 in 24 hours’ that is not many Pam, why are you so excited?

But that is where you are wrong!

What you don’t realise is that 95% of people will never write a book EVER.


Because they can’t be bothered!

It’s true. They put it in the too hard basket.

Why is that good for people like me, my 60 x #1 Best Selling Authors and the 20 people who registered immediately yesterday, and YOU if you come and join us?

It means we ALL get to stand out, make a bigger impact, change lives, promote our business and expertise and have Amazon market our business globally absolutely FREE!

And I’m teaching all this for 90% Off my normal training fees!

Why didn’t you say that yesterday Pam?

The reason I did not share that yesterday, is because I wanted to see how many action takers there were on this list…sadly, there were not many.

The inspiring action takers have all come from my FREE private Facebook mentoring group Catapult You, plus referrals from the awesome people who signed up yesterday.

Here are just some of the comments from the Private VIP 30 Day Book Writing Challenge

Hi Pam and fellow writers!
Super excited and this is just the challenge I need right now.
Awesome timing and awesome Universe!

Hello fellow soon-to-be authors. I’m excited to be here and to be taking the challenge
to get my book finished and available. Thanks for the opportunity Pam.

Pam. This will finally give the the structure I need to complete this book. I’m so excited!

Hi everyone in the group – For me there are many things that I will gain out of this 30 day challenge – accountability to get it done – it’s been a “gunna” for a long time. I have many skills and that, in itself can be a huge problem because I try and be all things to all people, making me a jack of all trades and master of none.
So it will also give me clarity around what I’m known for.

30 day challenge has grabbed my hand and pulled me forward to walk the legs of what will be the best journey of my life.I look forward to travelling the miles with you all xxxx

I didn’t think I could write…but all of a sudden, it didn’t matter, because I loved it. I have so many ideas. Seriously. Gridlock between my ears. haha But I’d love to write a book that combines my words and pictures. A gentle adventure. Vulnerable. Honest. Fun. About my journey I guess, choosing beyond judgement.
For the first time in lifetimes, choosing for me.


So many different people, with so many amazing ideas for their books, and I am so humbled and excited to be mentoring them to write their first book in 30 Days!

What is it going to be for you?

Here is your opportunity to become part of the 5% club.

Share your knowledge, expertise, inspirational story, message, passion or whatever it is you want to share in a book in 30 Days as part of the July 25th 30 Day Book Writing challenge.

This has been created specifically for newbies. That’s right, don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from joining us, as no previous writing experience required.

Plus, you get $888 worth of book writing course and bonuses, group mentoring from me for 30 days at a total value of $1997

ALL for 90% off!

As soon as you register you get immediate access to the VIP Private FB Hub where we are already having a blast and also your training material to get ideas prior to the challenge launching 25th July.

Here is the other thing….those who grab it before 30th of June, for business, can include it in their EOFY returns as well making it a no brainer opportunity.

And those who get in early, get free mentoring tips with me while we wait for the challenge to start on the 25th July.

Just watch the video, and if you still can’t be bothered writing your book, that is okay too. Writing a book is a choice, just like everything in life is a choice including creating your own success story.

But I know once you see what an amazing opportunity it is, you would be crazy not to join the 30 Day Book Writing Challenge.

Your call…95% club who can’t be bothered, or join the 5% club who will…what’s it going to be?

Check out the image below to see just some of the FREE PR and exposure our authors are getting already since writing their books.


In fact … I just got another article in this week’s Sunday Telegraph too, and guess what she wanted for the interview? Copies of my books to mention in her article!!!!!


Because journalists LOVE AUTHORS.

Watch the video and then decide

Have an awesome day, off to go and hang out in the VIP 30 Day Book Writing Private Group. Come join the fun!


Expertise Leverage On Amazon

Are you leveraging Amazon’s highly targeted traffic with your expertise?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should be positioning your expertise on Amazon:

  • Highly targeted market
  • Free SEO for your business
  • Market your business globally
  • International positioning with other experts in your industry
  • Media love authors – FREE PR
  • Lead generator for your products and services
  • Cross promotion for your integrated funnels

Writing Expertise Books are easy. Make sure to keep your eye open next week for my FREE Expertise Publishing Web Class where I will share how easy it is to self publish your first Expertise Book in 30 days or less.

pam brossman expertise on Amazon



Blab Live Training – 7 Self Publishing Secrets

7 Self Publishing Secrets

  1. Purpose & Payoff
  2. Find a Hot Topic
  3. Do Your Market Research
  4. Find Your Avatar
  5. Set Up Your Book Framework
  6. Use Keywords Strategically Everywhere
  7. Have a Pre-Launch Strategy

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Lynn and Pam




Your Boringness Is Killing Your Business

Boring Sucks – there I said it…But it’s fixable!

My Success Tipping Point That Changed My Life….

People often ask me what I did to create my business success in such a short period of time in several niche markets.

At first I did not really know,because like most people I was just trying everything and hoping for the best when I first started out over 7 years ago.

But  it wasn’t until I was having drinks one night with Frank Kern in the bar, that the light bulb went off, and I have never looked back.

So what did Frank say to me that night?

Frank said…. ‘It is not about Who YOU know…it is about Who Knows You!’

That’s when I realised that I had to focus solely on the mediums and relationships that made me stand out…..and it worked.

  1. I started with an online magazine called ‘Social Media Woman’ which was a huge success. Why? Because back then no one was really doing it and ‘celebrities’ hang out in magazines.  It was not rocket science! In less than 9 months I had a global brand from scratch and I was making good money.
  2. Then I moved into video [which was really hard for me because I hated being in front of the camera]. But once again it was the medium leaders were using so I forced myself to do it. In less than 6 months I was one of the leaders in this market. So much so that my husband joined forces with me because it was working so well.
  3. Fast forward to now and that medium of choice is…drum roll….‘A Book’. I have to be honest this has been the EASIEST by far to attract success into my business. Why? Because people of AUTHORITY write books and people flock to people of AUTHORITY….simple really. 

Do you see a pattern here?  

I am no different to you or anyone else.  The difference is I am using the medium of the moment ‘earlier than anyone else’ to dominate a market and it has worked 3 TIMES and I am about to do it again very soon using another medium.


  • Because it’s fun and I love a challenge!
  • It makes me a very healthy income every time I do it.
  • Plus, it allows me to help other people….which I love to do.

Having a Book on Amazon is the current medium of choice that is working RIGHT NOW!

Do You Think I Like Writing Books?

Heck no, I failed English for crying out loud. So why do I keep doing it? Because it has brought me more success in the last 2.5 years than all my business efforts combined.

 So here is the point I want to make

  • If you are still blending into the crowd
  • Not being seen as the “Authority’ in your industry
  • Not attracting the affluent, being asked to speak on stages, do joint ventures, interviews in the media and raising your prices above ALL your competitors

Then it is time to get off your BUTT and do something about it.  I will say it again BLENDING IN SUCKS!

Get out of your comfort zone like I have done 3 times and make it happen!


Let Me Help You Stand Out With A Book…It Is EASY!

Check out my FREE 60 Min Book Writing Cheat Sheet and I challenge you to have a go at mapping out your ‘Stand Out’ book in just 60 mins.

If you get stuck on a HOT TOPIC then you may find this video training helpful.

How To Find A HOT Book Topic’ Video Training & Report.

I believe in your Awesomeness…do you?

PS if you are in Sydney this Wednesday 17th September and want to learn more about becoming an Authority Factor in your business in the next 12 weeks then make sure to grab a seat at Steve’s event in North Sydney.  Details below…. 

Self Publish You