Overcome Your Fear of The Camera

Listen to this week’s podcast as Authority Catalyst Steve Brossman shares … ‘How To Get Over Your Fear of The Camera” Episode #20 https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/20-overcome-your-fear-camera/id939488379?i=336787099&mt=2   itunes

Steve Brossman I had a huge fear of the camera when I first got started in video marketing about 5 years ago. I knew it was something I HAD to overcome if I wanted to become an AUTHORITY in my business. But every time I replayed the video I was mortified and refused to use it to market my business. I will be honest it took me about 3 months to overcome my fear, and Steve really helped me using some of these strategies he shares in this week’s awesome boost podcast.. Now  these days Steve and I fight for the camera. Here are just a few extra tips that I found helpful to overcome my fear of the camera…

Tip #1

Just be yourself! As long as I was authentically myself and stopped trying to be the ‘news reader’ and yes we all do it…even me, then the viewers will connect with you. If you are not funny….don’t try and be funny. If you are not crazy and outlandish…then don’t try and be like someone else who is. Just be yourself and talk as if you are talking to one person inside the camera, and people will really connect with you.

Tip #2

Don’t look at the camera lens. Just pretend you are talking to a client, your Mum or a girlfriend and give them advice like you would if you were having a glass of wine or a coffee. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your viewer will be. Or if you are really struggling, then actually have a glass of wine before, that will calm the nerves…just don’t get too tipsy 🙂

Tip #3

Practice makes perfect.   Shoot videos all the time. Use your iphone, your ipad, or your camera whenever you are out and about. The more you use this medium, the more relaxed you will become. Trust me, eventually it will become so natural to you that you will wonder why you were even scared of the camera in the first place.

Last but not least…

Try other video mediums… If you REALLY hated being on camera, and some people are really, really shy and cannot seem to overcome their fear, then use PowerPoint slides and talk to a script, at least you will still be benefiting from using videos in your business.

Authors Note…

If you are not using videos and QR codes in your books to leverage videos as a list building and marketing tool within your books…. you are crazy. That has added a whole other interactive dimension to our book marketing that you should ALL be utilizing in your business books too.  We teach you how to do that in our Best Seller Impact Course.   I know lots of people are using videos in their business these days.If you have any tips that have worked for you please feel free to share them below or leave your comments on my facebook page so others can benefit from what has worked for you in your business. Click to visit Pam’s facebook page

Have an Awesome Week.

Cheers Pam Brossman 10 Times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author CEO SelfPublishYou.com | PamBrossman.com 

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How I Used A Vision Board To Get To Necker Island

Are You Using Vision Boards In Your Business? My 2015 Vision Board


Do You Believe In What You Think About You Attract?

I have to admit when i first heard about the power of vision boards I really thought it was a bit of hoo haa.

That was until my sister introduced me to the power of focus and the energy of thought.

It has since been proven scientifically that the brain is a lot more powerful than what we first thought and that we are all just energy with the ability to attract things too us if we know how to harness the power of that internal energy.. But that is a whole other topic on Quantum Physics.

Today I just want you to listen to my quick 11 min podcast where I share with you how I have attracted many success stories and dreams into my life and my business using the power of vision boards.

In fact my latest is my brand new convertible which was on my January 2013 vision board and is now sitting in my garage at home.

And as for my trip to Necker Island, to spend 7 days with Sir Richard Branson, that was on my January 2014 vision board and is now going to be my reality in about 8 weeks time.  So if you are wondering if this really works….in my humble experience..


Houses I like to buy in Balmoral in 2015

All I ask is to be open to giving it a try…

I would love to hear your stories too.  If you have attracted something into your life using the power of vision boards please share it below. Have an awesome day.


8.1 Bali Bombing Survivor Carren Smith


It is my great pleasure to share this absolutely amazing ‘that moment’ interview with Bali Bombing Survivor Carren Smith.

Imagine losing the love of your life to suicide, feeling racked with guilt only to find that you are pregnant with their child sadly to lose that blessing shortly after to miscarriage as you fall deeper into a black hole of darkness.

Through severe depression, and not being able to find light through your depths of sorrow, you make the only decision that feels right at the time and decide there is only one way to extinguish your endless pain and that is to follow the same path. A path that would cease your grief once and for all.

You book a plane to another country, to end your life quietly away from your loved ones at home. Your friends, fear for your suicidal condition and will not let you travel alone. In the throws of enjoying your final moments with dear friends the unthinkable happens. A bomb goes off and changes everything in a split second.

In this interview Carren shares ‘that moment’ and how it has impacted her life and put her on the path she now lives. It is one of the most inspirational interviews I have ever had the pleasure of conducting and I know you will be moved and inspired by her story. Enjoy.