8.1 Bali Bombing Survivor Carren Smith


It is my great pleasure to share this absolutely amazing ‘that moment’ interview with Bali Bombing Survivor Carren Smith.

Imagine losing the love of your life to suicide, feeling racked with guilt only to find that you are pregnant with their child sadly to lose that blessing shortly after to miscarriage as you fall deeper into a black hole of darkness.

Through severe depression, and not being able to find light through your depths of sorrow, you make the only decision that feels right at the time and decide there is only one way to extinguish your endless pain and that is to follow the same path. A path that would cease your grief once and for all.

You book a plane to another country, to end your life quietly away from your loved ones at home. Your friends, fear for your suicidal condition and will not let you travel alone. In the throws of enjoying your final moments with dear friends the unthinkable happens. A bomb goes off and changes everything in a split second.

In this interview Carren shares ‘that moment’ and how it has impacted her life and put her on the path she now lives. It is one of the most inspirational interviews I have ever had the pleasure of conducting and I know you will be moved and inspired by her story. Enjoy.