Blab Boosters 21 August

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    Ways To Leverage Blab

    • Blabinars [webinars]
    • Interviews
    • Training
    • Networking and meeting Key Influencers
    • Video Blogging
    • Interactive training
    • Positioning and marketing [pre-scheduled blabs]
    • Cross promotion eg take the replays and reproduce on your podcast, blog, social media channels, YouTube
    • Give call to actions
    • Competitions
    • Free giveaways
    • TV Shows

    Possibilities are endless.

    Please leave your blab questions below or follow me on blab for weekly training on how to leverage this new medium for business.

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     Why I am Persevering With #Blab

    Yes I know there has been quite a few glitches and that it is quite frustrating as a new user to this platform. But you have to understand this platform is brand new and still in Beta. The same glitches are happening with the new Text Book Tool on Amazon. Same thing, but I am still using that tool to stay ahead of the game.

    Here is how you can leverage it while they are ironing out the bugs:

    • Make sure you strategically use your profile description to promote your business and expertise.
    • Try and get FREE exposure by jumping on other high profile Blabs
    • Approach well known Blabbers and see if you can interview them or do a blab.
    • Record your blab for more FREE PR for your brand
    • Do a blab at least twice per week to keep you profile in the stream
    • Use hashtags in your Blab titles
    • Get free plugs from @teamblab as they promote their blabbers
    • Keep up to date with the updates because new features are launching daily.
    • Try and cross promote if you are on Periscope and other social media platforms to get a following on Blab.
    • Be patient every social media platform starts with training wheels
    • Have FUN!

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