FB Live Tips From My Jetty

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Facebook just announced that it is rewarding those who use longer videos in their news feed. So if you want organic reach in 2017 on FB then you cannot avoid it, or go and find another platform like LinedIn, Twitter or start paying for ads as that is the only way outside of private groups you are going to get your posts read.

24 girls already practising their lives in the Private 30 Day LIve Stream Challenge FB Group.

Kylie went live for the first time and within 24 hours had over 1000 views [I was flabbergasted].

Megan went live a couple of times now and she is averaging 400-500 views

And we have not even started the challenge. They are LOVING it.

Come and join us, click on the video and then register today and you will get immediate access where I am giving some bonus free training to the early bird registrants before we start 1st March.

See you on the inside!