Fear of failure

Do you have a fear of failure?

Or even worse….do you have a fear of success?

Come on, I want you to be honest with yourself.

  • Did 2014 turn out exactly as you planned 12 months ago?
  • Has another 12 months passed and it’s still the same old, same old, you know the story, two steps forward and three steps back?
  • Or perhaps you’ve had minor growth but nowhere near your projections at the beginning of the year leaving you feeling pretty deflated after 12 months of hard work with little to show for it?

Don’t worry it’s not your fault…

Listen, it is not your fault, because this use to be me too. The yo yo roller coaster ride of being  a woman entrepreneur totally frustrated while the old self-confidence has taken a beating!

But what I figured out is… that it does not have to be this way. You do not have to go another year…

  • Second guessing yourself
  • Watching other women surpass their goals while you stay on the treadmill
  • Wondering what might have been if you just had a go
  • Or why everyone else is booming while your still where you are

Can you relate to this? Or are you still pretending?

I see this all the time, in my forums, at my events and with my private clients. Excuse after excuse, when deep down I know the underlying issue is fear and lack of self belief. Remember, I have lived this fear many times myself so I know the symptoms well.. But the difference with me is that I have  learned to channel my fear  into my business in a productive way instead of letting it control my results [ or lack thereof].

Failing is part of the game of success.

When I figured this out I took a big sigh of relief.

Do you honestly think I get it right every time? Heck no! In fact I fail more times than I win, but each one of those mistakes has become a stepping stone to my success story that I live today.

Are you ready to get off the ‘ground hog day’ treadmill in 2015?

Seriously, if you are fed up with another year of similar or tiny growth, and really want to boost your awesomeness next year, then keep your eyes out for a Dare I have prepared for you to create your Success Shift starting Monday!

Not for the faint hearted.

  • If you are already in holiday mode and can’t be bothered till next year…don’t watch the video on Monday!
  • If you are happy cruising year after year and are not driven to go higher in 2015, …definitely do not watch the video!
  • Or, if you are just plain lazy, and expect it all to fall in your lap, probably time to unsubscribe, because you will make more money in a job!

But if you are up for a challenge and a huge SUCCESS SHIFT and..

  • Know you are ready to unleash your awesomeness
  • Know you are ready to double or triple your results next year
  • Know you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and live the dream
  • Know you are ready to push past any fear or limiting beliefs from 2014

Then you are going to love the video! See you on Monday with your ‘super easy’ challenge!

Inner Awesomeness