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Facebook just announced that it is rewarding those who use longer videos in their news feed. So if you want organic reach in 2017 on FB then you cannot avoid it, or go and find another platform like LinedIn, Twitter or start paying for ads as that is the only way outside of private groups you are going to get your posts read.

24 girls already practising their lives in the Private 30 Day LIve Stream Challenge FB Group.

Kylie went live for the first time and within 24 hours had over 1000 views [I was flabbergasted].

Megan went live a couple of times now and she is averaging 400-500 views

And we have not even started the challenge. They are LOVING it.

Come and join us, click on the video and then register today and you will get immediate access where I am giving some bonus free training to the early bird registrants before we start 1st March.

See you on the inside!


Live Stream Tip Emailing

Don’t Forget To Register For The Live Stream Challenge

Facebook Live Streaming For Business

How To Use Live Streaming Privately On Facebook

Are you using Live Stream on Facebook yet?  Immediately when they launched this new functionality I was excited.


Because I saw the endless possibilities that I was getting frustrated with on the other platforms.  Don’t get me wrong I totally love Periscope, Blab, Instagram, Snap Chat and all the other live streaming apps that have popped up in the last 12 months, but this one was wear my people were hanging out.

But I wanted to know when it was going to be able to be used privately because that is when I knew it would be a game changer.

I kept asking all the gurus on FB when it was going to be available on pages and in groups and I did not get a reply.  So I started playing with it myself.

And guess what? I figured out a way to have live stream private groups and today I tested it and it WORKED!

Make sure to watch the video. Now there may be an easier way to do this, but for the time being adding people to a facebook list seems to be the easiest I could find at this time.

Will it be seen publicly [which some say is the purpose of  live streaming to get more eyeballs on your brand], only if you choose it to be public.

So there are many ways you can use the new Live Stream functionality. Here are just a few suggestions.

Live Streaming Ideas:

  • Run private live streaming in your groups by adding people to your list [if there is a quicker way to do this please let me know]
  • Run weekly or daily live streaming publicly from your page and give tips, Q&A sessions, tutorials [make sure to be running from wifi so you don’t get a huge phone bill]
  • Do spontaneous live streams on the weekend to give snippets of who you are and let people get to know what your day to day life is like.
  • Get together with other people and do live stream interviews where people can ask questions [too much fun].

Tip: Use an ipad or iphone holder and strategically plan where you are going to do your live streaming.  That way you can focus on the audience and what you are sharing without bumping up and down.

Main thing is just have a go. Experiment and ask your audience or community what they would like to see more of. Get real, have fun and see what happens.


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5 Ways To Profit With A Best Seller Offline & Online

  1. Book funnels
  2. Gift books
  3. Skinny books
  4. Referral books
  5. Trade Magazines & Speaker Bureau

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Best Seller Marketing

Blab Boosters This Week’s Tips


Key Blab.im Tips:

  • New drop down menu to see who is on the blab live so you can follow them
  • Participate in chat stream on your own and on other people’s blabs
  • Reply to people’s comments on the stream
  • Do regular and consistent blabs
  • Share your blab url so people can follow you eg http://www.blab.im/pambrossman
  • Use #tags in your comments my Tuesday Blab Training is #blabboosters
  • Position your expertise in your profile [you never know when someone is going to read it out live]
  • Regularly share and retweet to get exposure and promote the value of the blab
  • Give ‘high fives’ to say thank you to people providing valuable content.
  • Have fun and get out there and have a play with it.

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