Do You Need Professional Photos?

Click To Watch This Week's Video Do I Need Professional Photos? It Depends... Some people online, who are not interested in creating an elite personal brand will say no! [...]

Are You An Expert?

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO Not An Expert? Course you are! Have you shied away from calling  yourself an expert? Do you know something that could help someone... [...]

Brand Audit Time!

It's Brand Audit Time! Don't make the same mistake as me... All I can say is thank heavens for needing a new website rebrand, otherwise I probably would have never done a [...]

Upsell With Ease

Upsell With Ease Upselling changed  my business! As most of you know, I have been in business as an entrepreneur in some shape or form for the last 10 years. Started out [...]

Live Positioning

Are you leveraging FB live stream in your business? I can almost 100% guarantee that 95% of you reading this post would say a resounding no. Why not? [...]

25K Payrise

25k Payrise! Help Others Get What They Want...They Will Help You Get What You Want! I learned this lesson very quickly in the corporate world and it has been a lesson that [...]

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