07 Top 5 Lead Magnets

Episode 07: Awesome Lead Magnets


Key Points In This Episode:

Top 5 Lead Magnets, watch video or listen to podcast to find out why

  • Free Report
  • Audio
  • Video Training
  • Webinars
  • IQ Tsts/Surveys & Results


This Week’s Awesome Action:

  • Try a lead magnet that you have never used before
  • Implement the trip wire to see if you can convert them into a buyer straight away

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06 Make Money Giving Away Your Products

Episode 06: How To Make More Money Giving Your Products Away


Key Points In This Episode:

Here is the strategy in a nutshell and it is very easy to implement.

  • Look for leaders who have your exact target market in your industry or in a related industry [eg the people who have your target market before or after you]
  • Find out when they are doing their next product launch and if they have an affiliate program if they don’t then introduce the concept to them [will cover this in another business boost]
  • Sign up to their affiliate program
  • Give away your high value product as a bonus [depending on the commission will depend on which product you choose]
  • Share the experts product launch with your community and also on social media letting people know that you have an amazing bonus if they purchase through your link.
  • Wait till the cooling off period is over
  • Give out your amazing bonus and collect your affiliate commission win/win/win.

Why this strategy is good for your business

  1. You are supporting other experts and creating joint venture opportunities
  2. It gets you infront of other people’s lists
  3. It gives you another income stream from your own products
  4. It introduces your expertise to the expert’s list that may not have heard of you before
  5. If you are successful it creates other joint venture partnerships in the future.

In next week’s Awesome Boost I am going to share with you how to leverage this to make even more wealth into your business.

This Week’s Awesome Action:

  • Go and find out who has affiliate programs in your niche market and ask how you can support them
  • Or, keep an eye out for leaders running product launches that have your target market and join their affiliate programs.
  • Note, make sure you are happy to put your brand and business behind the product and the company before becoming an affiliate.

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05 Awesome Wealth Experiments

Episode 05 Awesome E2 Experiments


Key Points In This Episode:

In this episode Pam shares with you her E2 Experiment experiences. If you have not yet read the book by Pam Grout you can grab a copy at the bottom of this post.

This Week’s Awesome Action:

  • Grab a copy of the book E2 or the latest version E3
  • Work your way through the 9 experiments
  • Come and share what happened on this blog to see if it works for you.

PS. Did not get the EOS – I got something even better a Volvo Convertible….now it is time for the new house.  Too  much fun, have a go you have nothing to lose!

Click the image below to grab a copy of E2 on Amazon you will love it!

Latest Version


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04 Millionaire Lifestyle On Six Figures

Episode 04 How to Live A Millionaire Lifestyle on A Six Figure Income


Key Points In This Episode:

In this episode Pam shares with you her strategies for living a Millionaire lifestyle on a six figure income.

  • Where is that place that you have always dreamt of living?
  • Picture it in your mind and write it down.
  • The key to making it a reality is to break in to that area. You have to start somewhere..
  • You have to activate the motion towards where you want to be.
  • What you are doing is creating a complete mindset shift of believing you can live there instead of WISHING you could live there.

Tip:  If you want to achieve something in life, it is a lot easier to achieve it when you hang around with people who are already living your dream.


“Anything is possible you just have to figure out what you need to achieve it” @pambrossman This Week’s Awesome Action:

  • Write down where it is you want to live – your dream location, street, house, country.
  • Then write down the minimum it would cost you to move to that location.
  • Then write down how much you would need to stretch to make this a reality.
  • Now start looking for places to live in that location. If it is close by go and walk around. If it is further away check it out online.
  • You have to start making a space for it in your mind of it becoming a reality.

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03 How To Monetise Your Expertise P2

Episode 03 Your Awesome Audit Part 2 : Awesome By Design Podcast

If you missed it click here for episode 1


Key Points In This Episode:

In this episode Pam shares with you part 2 of her ‘Awesome Audit’ strategy and how it can help you to live your Awesome Life By Design.

Now you have figured out what you are good at and what you are passionate about in this episode we are going to discovers ways to monetise that awesomeness.

The easiest way to do that is to model someone who is already doing it.

  • Column #1 : Make a list of the people who already have the career or job you want to have.
  • Column #2:  Make a list of the ways they are making money from their awesomeness and skills. Look at their websites and the skills they have to get them to the top.
  • Column #3: : Make a list of the things that you can already do that they are doing.
  • Column #4 :  Make a list of the skills you need to learn that you don’t know to achieve better results or the same as this person.

Tip:  Don’t try and do it on the cheap. Invest in the person who is where you want to be because they have already mastered it and you want to learn from someone who is already at the top.  Invest in YOU because you are worth it!

This Week’s Awesome Action:

Download the Awesome Audit Part 2 Download below and make sure to listen in to to the recording to use it effectively.

Click the link below to download this week’s template.

Awesome Audit Template P2 

02 How To Monetise Your Expertise P1

Episode 02 Your Awesome Audit : Awesome By Design Podcast


Key Points In This Launch Episode:

In this episode Pam shares with you her ‘Awesome Audit’ strategy and how it can help you to live your Awesome Life By Design.

    1. Column #1 : Write down all the things that you are good at using the template below [listen to podcast for examples];
    2. Column #2:  Write down the things you love to do in your job or business;
    3. Column#3: What are the things you like to do outside of working hours?
    4. Is there a snap or match between any of the three columns and if so highlight it.
    5. Last column write down the things you WISH you could do for a living right now.

Ask yourself this question. Who are the people that I look at with envy?  The people you would love to trade places with them because they have an Awesome Life. That is what I want you to put in the last column.

Go ahead and download this week’s template and complete and then keep your eye out for part two of the Awesome Audit in next week’s show.

This Week’s Awesome Action:

Download the Awesome Audit Part 1 Download below and make sure to listen in to episode 02 Awesome Audit P2 to complete your Awesome Audit task. Click the link below to download this week’s template. Awesome Audit Template P1


01 James Schramko Podcasting Strategies

Episode 01: James Schramko Podcasting Strategies

This Weeks’ Key Points

  • Podcast Leverage
  • Cross Promotion
  • Driving traffic into your business hub
  • Leveraging other people’s podcasts
  • Monetising your podcasts
  • Plus lots more gold nuggets


This Week’s Awesome Action:

    • Implement at least 2 of James’ Awesome Podcast Strategies and leave your results below.


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Stop Being A She Zombie

What is wrong with everyone?

This has been bugging me for a while and I decided I could no longer ignore this epidemic that has been growing before my eyes over the last 12 months. At first I thought it must be a faze women entrepreneurs were going through, but as the months went by I just saw it getting worse and worse.

Women who were once alive and thriving, are now just existing online, living ground hog day on social media, in their business and day to day lives.

Even I went through it for a short time too, so I know what it feels like.

I call it SheZombies.

So what are SheZombies and do you have the symptoms?

  • Lost your spark, drive and mojo
  • Lost your  passion for your business
  • Going through the motions day in and day out
  • Overwhelmed and feeling like you are on a treadmill to no where
  • Lost your vision, your dream and your mission
  • Everything around you just seems like noise, and you have lost interest
  • Just going through the motions and have stopped growing personally, professionally and spiritually

So if you are feeling a bit lost and disheartened in your business don’t worry you are not alone

There are many women who seem to have lost their spark because their passion for what they are doing is just not there and their sense of fun, community, giving and vision has slowly disintegrated into a world of SheZombies on the world wide web.

It’s Not Your Fault

I have noticed a great divide happening in the mentoring community online in the last 18 mths whereby coaching has become so far beyond reach for the average woman that they have been left floundering to figure it out for themselves in a sea of blog posts, webinars, social media snippets and events with little to no results in their business.

The help that was once there and accessible to the majority has now turned into a minority group of  7 figure earners only interested in the high 6 figure affluent clientelle.

So where does that leave the 5  to low 6 figure women to go to?

That is when I came up with an idea and I wanted to share it with you to see what you think.

I believe it is time for a shake-up in the industry.  And if you agree I’m prepared to do something about it.

I don’t know about you but I love it when …

  • I have a challenge that is so far out of my comfort zone I get goosebumps thinking about it;
  • I have a purpose and a mission that has me waking up in the middle of the night with amazing ideas to implement the next day;
  • I get to hang out with like-minded women who want to help each other achieve big audacious results;
  • I have deadlines that create a positive shift in my life, my business, my health and my personal wealth;
  • I am contributing to something bigger than just me;
  • I’m making a personal impact on the world and thriving in all areas of my life at the same time;
  • I can share my expertise and help other women reach their dreams too;
  • But most importantly….thatI can wake up each and every day and say ‘MY LIFE IS AWESOME’ and know that everyone in this women’s community is feeling exactly the same way.

I want to invite you to join me in creating a new ‘Awesome Movement for women wanting bigger things in their lives!

I believe the women entrepreneur community is a bit lost, dis-empowered and unsupported and I for one want to change that feeling.

I want to build this momentum together with you because I truly believe collectively we can create a huge positive wave that will impact the lives of many women around the world.

I have an idea that I think you are going to love. But before I dedicate time and energy to creating this amazing hub for women. A place for you to activate | accelerate | achieve huge positive ripples in all areas of your life, I have to know if you want to join me.

Just Be Warned…..This is NOT going to be some  ‘Warm & Fuzzy Self Help Group’

This is not going to be another ‘happy girls forum’ to hang out in and make each other feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. No way there are already plenty of those online already.

This is going to be HUGELY different.  This is going to be a place where you will be challenged to push through barriers that you never thought possible.

A place where I may even push your buttons, make you face some harsh realities while showing you how to create massive positive change in your life to get the results you have always dreamed of achieving.

Let’s Get Serious

I mean let’s get serious for a moment.  You only get one chance at this thing called life, so what are you waiting for?

Time is running out baby and no one can make it happen but YOU!

I want to create a community where you will create ‘A WIN’ in all areas of your life including:

All while reaching your big audacious goals!

We are talking BIG Success Growth Spurts

It will be a place where buttons will be pushed, but results will be massive.

A place where the support, attitude and intelligence will be superior to any other group or community you’ve ever been a part of  before, because failing forward is the only way to win the game! Somewhere where each and every day you will be creating ‘A Win’.

I Truly Believe In Your Awesomeness

Let’s build a movement for many women to grow, prosper and give together.

If this is a community that you would be interested in being a part of can you please opt-in below to show your interest. If there is enough desire to create this HUMONGOUS POSITIVE SHIFT …..then I will make it happen!

Please fill out the 4 question survey below [use the grey slider to scroll down and submit] and opt-in if you want to know more about the launch when it happens.