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NEW’S FLASH – LAUNCHING EARLY 2016 [Update It Is Now A #1 Best Seller]

2016 is going to help as many women as I can launch their Inner Confident Chick!

Book launching very soon and then an 8 week program to boost your confidence and results early in 2016. Details coming soon.

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A Necker Rainbow Opened My Eyes


Do You Have An Awesome Rainbow Story?

If you have an awesome story about rainbows leave it below. I think everyone at some stage of their life has been impacted by rainbows. They are very symbolic and always bring a smile to so many people’s lives.

Share you rainbow story below and make someone else smile today.


Screw Business As Usual

Screw Business As Usual

In this week’s podcast I share with you snippets from Sir Richard Branson’s book

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‘Screw Business As Usual’

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Sir Richard Branson

If you ever get a chance to go to Necker Island …Just Do It!

Richard Branson and I having a laugh

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How I Used A Vision Board To Get To Necker Island

Are You Using Vision Boards In Your Business? My 2015 Vision Board


Do You Believe In What You Think About You Attract?

I have to admit when i first heard about the power of vision boards I really thought it was a bit of hoo haa.

That was until my sister introduced me to the power of focus and the energy of thought.

It has since been proven scientifically that the brain is a lot more powerful than what we first thought and that we are all just energy with the ability to attract things too us if we know how to harness the power of that internal energy.. But that is a whole other topic on Quantum Physics.

Today I just want you to listen to my quick 11 min podcast where I share with you how I have attracted many success stories and dreams into my life and my business using the power of vision boards.

In fact my latest is my brand new convertible which was on my January 2013 vision board and is now sitting in my garage at home.

And as for my trip to Necker Island, to spend 7 days with Sir Richard Branson, that was on my January 2014 vision board and is now going to be my reality in about 8 weeks time.  So if you are wondering if this really works….in my humble experience..


Houses I like to buy in Balmoral in 2015

All I ask is to be open to giving it a try…

I would love to hear your stories too.  If you have attracted something into your life using the power of vision boards please share it below. Have an awesome day.


8.1 Bali Bombing Survivor Carren Smith


It is my great pleasure to share this absolutely amazing ‘that moment’ interview with Bali Bombing Survivor Carren Smith.

Imagine losing the love of your life to suicide, feeling racked with guilt only to find that you are pregnant with their child sadly to lose that blessing shortly after to miscarriage as you fall deeper into a black hole of darkness.

Through severe depression, and not being able to find light through your depths of sorrow, you make the only decision that feels right at the time and decide there is only one way to extinguish your endless pain and that is to follow the same path. A path that would cease your grief once and for all.

You book a plane to another country, to end your life quietly away from your loved ones at home. Your friends, fear for your suicidal condition and will not let you travel alone. In the throws of enjoying your final moments with dear friends the unthinkable happens. A bomb goes off and changes everything in a split second.

In this interview Carren shares ‘that moment’ and how it has impacted her life and put her on the path she now lives. It is one of the most inspirational interviews I have ever had the pleasure of conducting and I know you will be moved and inspired by her story. Enjoy.

47,000 in One Day From Becoming A Best Seller

Becoming An Author Could Change Your Life Too….

Over the coming week I want to share with you some of the amazing stories of people who are leveraging a book and Amazon to boost their business, brand and bank balance.
Sometimes you know you want to write a book, but are not quite sure what topic to choose or how to maximise that book for the biggest impact. My wish for you is that by sharing these stories, it may be the catalyst to help you launch your own book and success story this year too.
If you have not already entered the competition to win the Best Seller Course you can click on the link below to enter.
Yes Pam I want To Enter To Win The Chance To Write A Best Seller This Year

Maria Pau’s Story.

Maria joined my book course late 2013 with a mission to help more people overcome addiction. She wanted to create a bigger coaching program that could touch more people’s lives. Little did I realise how much she would touch my life with her amazing story.
Having come from a colourful life herself, from a very young age, and finally turning her life around, she realised that a book may just be what she needed to help more people cure their addiction and live a better life just like she had been able to do.
Maria has a coaching business called Coaching With Substance and for the last 3 years she had been trying to sell her $3,000 coaching program with little success. Not because it wasn’t great, but because people did not realise her area of expertise or that she was there to help them.
After listening to us on stage, she realised that she needed to reposition her knowledge and expertise with a book to allow her to stand out and have better credibility in her coaching business. Even though she had all the degrees and qualifications, it was not helping her get the message out to the people who needed her help as fast as she’d planned.
Maria bought the Best Seller Program and decided that very night, to absorb the entire course. [Most people take about 8 wks]. She was a woman on a mission and I for one was impressed.
Within 8 weeks she had not only written and edited her book, but launched it to Best Seller status as well.
During her book writing process Naria gained the confidence to run another seminar where she spoke about her up and coming Best Selling book. That’s right failure was never an option for Maria. Heck if she could beat addiction and bipolar she could achieve anything.
It was at this seminar that she was able to sell $47,000 worth of coaching in one day. Why? Because she positioned herself and her coaching as a leader and gained their trust and instant credibility for her expertise. Something that is so important these days in business.
Not only that, she went on to win Best Not for Profit award at the 2014 Asia Pacific Business Excellence Awards. As well as a story on Channel 9.
To say I was proud was an understatement!

Never let your beginning or your past be the last chapter in your book.

Maria Pau is living proof that anything is possible when you believe in your AWESOMENESS!
Since then she has gone on to write four #1 Best Sellers and her business is growing rapidly.
At the age of 11 this woman was pretty much on the streets living a pretty unsavoury lifestyle. Now she is changing lives.

What message, experience or expertise is sitting inside of you that could impact the lives of many?

Are you ready to SELF PUBLISH YOU?

Enter the competition to see if you can make it a reality this year just like Maria Pau.
Click the image below for details.

I believe in your awesomeness.