Own TV Show From One Book

When I met Jo, she was already a successful energy coach and doing really well in her industry. But she wanted more.

With a passion for teaching people how to live longer, healthier and happier lives, she knew she was here to make a bigger impact and just wasn’t sure the fastest way to get her message out into the world.

Jo came across one of our events and we explained to her the power and leverage of using Amazon’s global distribution to reach a wider audience and she decided to give it a try.

Joanna’s number one bug bear was people’s unhealthy diet and eating habits. Something she knew was causing 75% of all the ill health problems in people’s lives.

Having run several healthy eating retreats, and being a master chef herself, we came up with the brand of Celebrity Organic Chef and decided to launch her first book Rocket Fuel On A Budget as a recipe book to help people change their eating habits.

Joanne’s first book took a little bit longer to produce then was planned, but the pay-off was well worth it.

She went on to get #1 Best Seller as well as in the top 100 in the whole of Amazon during her launch. She quickly realised that there were many people all over the world that needed her expertise and she was excited.

We repackaged some of her programs creating more online programs to reach her new global database. We then used some of our marketing strategies and Amazon’s highly targeted traffic to drive people into her online product funnels to grow her business and her brand internationally.

In the last 12 months since launching her book this is what has happened:

  • Invited to host her own TV show on Channel 7 HealthyMeTV;
  • Invited to be a paid contributor to several national print magazines including Good Organic Gardening;
  • Invited to speak around the world at her mentor’s events;
  • Speaking gigs with several companies and corporations;
  • Recently launched her second book once again becoming a #1 Best Seller;
  • Store owners are now stocking her book in bulk;
  • Joint ventures with several other businesses for her new online programs; plus more opportunities in the pipeline overseas.

Jo went from being an expert to a celebrity authority in her industry in a very short period of time. And the doors continue to open.

If you are a coach, health professional, or someone who wants to help more people then now is the perfect time share that expertise in a self published book. It is time to get that expertise out of your head and leverage the distribution power of Amazon to help more people while positioning your expertise at the same time.

It is time to SELF PUBLISH YOU!