How I Used A Vision Board To Get To Necker Island

Are You Using Vision Boards In Your Business? My 2015 Vision Board


Do You Believe In What You Think About You Attract?

I have to admit when i first heard about the power of vision boards I really thought it was a bit of hoo haa.

That was until my sister introduced me to the power of focus and the energy of thought.

It has since been proven scientifically that the brain is a lot more powerful than what we first thought and that we are all just energy with the ability to attract things too us if we know how to harness the power of that internal energy.. But that is a whole other topic on Quantum Physics.

Today I just want you to listen to my quick 11 min podcast where I share with you how I have attracted many success stories and dreams into my life and my business using the power of vision boards.

In fact my latest is my brand new convertible which was on my January 2013 vision board and is now sitting in my garage at home.

And as for my trip to Necker Island, to spend 7 days with Sir Richard Branson, that was on my January 2014 vision board and is now going to be my reality in about 8 weeks time.  So if you are wondering if this really works….in my humble experience..


Houses I like to buy in Balmoral in 2015

All I ask is to be open to giving it a try…

I would love to hear your stories too.  If you have attracted something into your life using the power of vision boards please share it below. Have an awesome day.