My Secret To Success

So What Helped Me Create A Success Shift?

Some of you probably won’t believe me and that is fine, but this is the honest truth. When I was in the corporate world for 25 years, the thing that got me to the top fast was taking myself out of my comfort zone and trying things I had never done before.

  • I’d volunteer to help out in other departments when I was not busy
  • I would volunteer to do another person’s job when they were sick
  • I volunteered to organise all the events
  • I asked my boss to give me money to learn a new skill so they did not have to outsource it any more
  • Bottom line is, I just kept putting my hand up until I got to the top!

That is easy you may say, you had a guaranteed income, you had a job!

I totally understand, and you are right I did have a job. But when I found myself freaking out after I left my job, realising that I had a baby to support and  that failure was not an option, I soon discovered  I needed to figure out fast how I could use that same mindset to move forward in my own business and support my family.

What a wake-up call that  was… you see, the more scared I got, the less I implemented and the more my business suffered.

  • I hated doing videos
  • I hated public speaking
  • I hated having my photo taken
  • I did not like networking events
  • I had absolutely no internet marketing skills
  • And to be honest, for an outgoing person, I really was quite the introvert

But do you know what I hated more?


Being an ‘A’ grade student all my life, and succeeding in the corporate world, definitely set me up with the mindset that failing was not an option. But then one day my mentor told me I was looking at it the wrong way.

What if I actually had a go, made some mistakes, but learned something new that would help me grow my business faster, would that be failing?

When I thought about it, I realised that by not having a go, I was failing more and that through some of my stuff ups, I’d actually became quite skilled along the way.

In fact, when I actually sat back and looked at how far I’d come, from a complete beginner in business, I was pleasantly surprised.

You see I was focusing on all the things I could not do and all the things I had not accomplished instead of all the things I had achieved in a very short period of time. That was a huge learning curve for me.

Key Lesson To Me….

Focus on the growth, not the ‘yet to learn’ or the ‘hiccups’ along the way.

But I still lacked self-confidence in this online world.

I was so much out of my comfort zone that it kept me in spin trying to master it all. Anyone here know that feeling?

So I had to dig deep to figure out a way to overcome this fear of….

  • making a mistake
  • people laughing at me
  • not fitting in with the online ‘boys club’
  • comparing myself to all the other successful women so far ahead of me
  • not knowing what I was doing and worst of all;
  • someone actually figuring out that I had no idea what I was doing [shock horror]

Yes for the first 3 years as an entrepreneur I had all these fears going around in my head too.

But then I figured out a way to overcome them and it worked!

To Your Success

Yep I am going to share with you my #1 Success Secret… Drum Roll!!!!

I dared myself to do it! …..Ta Dah!

You see there is nothing, I mean nothing that irks me more, or gets me more riled than someone telling me I CAN’T do something.

Ask my husband he will tell you. If ever he wants me to do something he tells me he does not think I can do it, knowing that it is like waiving a red flag to a bull with VERY SHARP HORNS!

But there is a few exceptions to the rules eg. when it comes to cooking, or the dishes, then I run in the other direction happily 🙂

My first PROFITABLE Dare!

I remember when I bought my first home in my early thirties and the guy I was dating at the time did not want to buy a house even though I really wanted to.

I remember his words clear as day, You will need to find a minimum of $13k for a deposit, you will never save that amount”.

I said to him, “If I save $13k will you do it?”

He said, “Yep, not going to happen” and went back to having a beer smirking to himself that a woman could save any money at all.

Well it took me exactly 12 weeks to save $13k and I went on to put an offer on our first home. But what was even smarter, I dumped him 12 mths later, bought him out of the house and doubled my money within 3 years! Look whose laughing now!

Gosh I wish I’d remembered this sooner…

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, which is why I am sharing this with you now so you don’t have to wait to figure it out yourself.

These days when I am scared to do something, I set myself a challenge and a deadline to achieve it. Why? 

Because I hate to not meet a deadline [Corporate deadlines have become my best learned skill, thank you  Corporate Job!].

So my question to you is this…

If I set you a challenge are you game to see if you can do it?

Are you ready to create the exact same Success Shift in your business, your life and your mindset?

If the answer is yes, and you want to succeed faster and easier than you’ve ever thought possible, then make sure to watch the Dare Challenge on Monday.

Just so you know, yes I still use this in my business today in fact….I am going through a personal Dare at the moment. It is totally freaking me out, but

  • the vision is clear
  • the deadline is set and;
  • the impact to others is huge and that is my driving force.