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  • Are you ready to step up and make a bigger impact?

  • Have you got what it takes to turn your knowledge, experience, skills and expertise into a global business?

  • Do you want to become a personal brand, transform more people’s lives and learn how to become a key influencer in your industry?

  • More importantly…are you ready to take Focused Actions?

Yes? Fantastic You’re In The Right Place!


My vision is to help more women reach their personal and financial goals while learning, growing and making a bigger impact at the same time. If you are ready to step up, become a centre of influence, an elite personal brand in your industry, then these programs are perfect for you!

Pam Brossman CEO | Mentor | Speaker | Author
Influencer Marketing Strategist for Women Knowledge Professionals

Success takes persistence and continued focused actions in the right areas of your business to create a success momentum.

My 1-on-1 Women’s mentoring programs are specifically targeted at women who want to take their knowledge and expertise and turn it into a global business including:

  • Creating multiple automated funnels from their expertise;
  • Creating positioning via books and book funnels;
  • Building a list of highly targeted followers;
  • Positioning themselves as the centre of influence and ‘go to’ person in their industry;
  • Wanting to create multiple products and packages based on their personal lifestyle business model;
  • Looking to grow their personal brand online;
  • Increase their prices and attract a higher clientele;
  • Create multiple profit centres in their business;
  • Women who are willing to take focused actions, do the work and have a ‘limitless’ proactive attitude to their success momentum.

 So thrilled .. you pushed me outside of my comfort zone and was 100 percent supportive on all our tasks and everything you did with our group. Thank you Pam you’re an awesome teacher.

Sylvia Mullan, Psychic Medium | March  2017

Pam’s 1 on 1 Mentoring Programs Are Perfect For…

  • Knowledge professionals, speakers, authors, coaches, wishing to become a personal brand and those who wish to share their expertise and message online.

  • Passionate, driven women who are action takers.

  • Women who want to make a bigger impact with their expertise online.

  • Women who are ready to step outside their comfort zone to learn, grow and prosper.

  • Women who are prepared to invest in their own success momentum.

  • Women who want to Educate, Enrich, Empower and Elevate others with their knowledge and inner genius.

Positive, Proactive, Persistent, Powerful, Personal Impact oriented women who believe in their limitless possibilities and are prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen!

Your courses are THE BEST out there….. I’m serious!

You ALWAYS go above and beyond- doing research and homework for us every time, giving everyone guidance….NO ONE does that!!!!!

Oh- not to mention your honesty!!!

You’re the best Pam ! Thank you!!!!

EVERYONE should do your courses! They are transformational!

Katrina Kavvalos March 2017

A really BIG THANK YOU Pam.

— For many years I have been wanting to write a Book — and you have made it so easy — your coaching was inspiring with very clear and succinct instructions—Pam, you really went above and beyond in helping all of us to become authors in our own rights— you pushed us gently but firmly — you encouraged and exhorted us when we doubted ourselves — there has been so many pearls of wisdom and knowledge that you so generously gave us — it has been a privilege to be part of this coaching program and unlike many coaches who promise the world and then give you an atlas— you promised an atlas and gave us the “World” — you under promised and over delivered — how refreshing— once again thank you so much.

Carl John Fechner, Internet Secrets Made Easy | October 2016




So fab finally meeting my self publishing mentor in person who helped coach me to become an author and get my book to completion with her incredible Best Selling Author program!

Thank you Pam Brossman I couldn’t have got this book to where it is without your incredible wealth of knowledge, ongoing support and easy to follow teaching methods on how to be a self published author.

Catherine Sissons April 2017


I’ve just been listening back to the recording of my last mentoring session with Pam Brossman. I have valued greatly the 4 sessions I have had with Pam. They have focused me and given real direction to my work. I am one of those people who have hundreds of ideas for what I want to do, but I don’t always know how to implement them. Pam walks me through the development of my ideas and thoughts, helps me clarify them and turn them into programs that will develop and enhance the leadership skills of my clients. I have always seen a mentor as someone who walks the road with you, sharing her experience and expertise so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel at every turn in our own business or career. Pam has been that kind of mentor to me.

Maree Harris, May 2016, People Empowered

Thank you so MUCH Pam Brossman!!! You have such a big heart and passion for doing what you’re doing – answering my questions at all hours and keeping an eye on me all the way – THANK YOU!!! Couldn’t have got my #1 Amazon Best Seller without you.

Virginia Cheong, March 2017, Business Strategist

Success is a journey it is not a race. It takes courage, self belief, determination and focused actions to turn your vision into a destination. Let me help you start your success momentum in my brand new Women’s 1-on-1 Mentoring Programs. Limited Spots Available for 2017.

If you know that you were born for greatness.You’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and  you’re willing to implement new and exciting action steps into your business, then I would be honoured to have you in my Women’s Mentoring programs.

Let’s take your inner genius and turn it into a personal brand on a global scale.

I believe in your greatness…Let’s Make it Happen this year!

I can’t wait to get started!

Pam Brossman | 12 Times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author| Mentor | Speaker | Consultant
Influencer Marketing Strategist for Women Knowledge Professionals

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