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Don’t Be the World’s Best Kept Secret! Share Your Expertise, Impact More Lives & Create An Elite Authority Brand At The Same Time!

Hi, my name is Pam Brossman and for the last 6 years I have mentored and helped launch over 100 Best Selling books on Amazon. Here are just a few of the doors of opportunity that have opened for some of my book writers since becoming Elite Authors :

  • Dene Menzel launched a brand new business called the Voice Factor. Launched a international online choir in the cloud, and more recently launched her new ‘voice your brand’ business, all off the back of her #1 Best Seller ‘The Voice Factor’.
  • Maria Pau went from struggling ‘Not For Profit’ Recovery Coaching Business, to being featured in magazines, speaking on stages, studying for her PHD and growing  from $13,000 to over six figures after launching four #1 Best Sellers on Amazon.
  • Janet Schier has written three #1 Best Sellers and launched her own Property Education Business from her expertise as a millionaire property investor.
  • Matt Clarke : turned his book into a joint venture opportunity with an elite company in Melbourne.
  • Andrew Crossley : TV Interviews, full page articles in magazines, and secured over $200k in clients and is about to launch his next Best Seller.
  • Steve Brossman, who is just about to launch his second book, is using his #1 Best Seller as his client attraction magnet securing hundreds of thousands of coaching and consulting clients from just one book. That’s not including his speaking, coaching programs, products, events and overseas joint ventures.
  • As for me, well I turned one book into a half a million dollar business, hundreds of thousands of free PR, speaking opportunities, TV, events, products, coaching programs, retreats….multiple profits centres for my business….and I am just about to write #13.  Why? Because it works!

Now It’s Your Turn!

We have 2 Options Available

Option 1:

Best Seller Monthly Mentoring

This option is perfect for those who have:

  • Started their book and not yet finished or published it and need more help and guidance
  • Launched a book but was unable to make it a Best Seller and would like to relaunch with my guidance
  • Wanting to write another book and already have one of my self-publishing programs and would like my mentoring throughout the self publishing process

Only $98.88 USD p/m

[You can stay for as long as you need help]

Click To Get Started Only $98.88 p/m

Your courses are THE BEST out there….. I’m serious!

You ALWAYS go above and beyond- doing research and homework for us every time, giving everyone guidance….NO ONE does that!!!!!

Oh- not to mention your honesty!!!

You’re the best Pam ! Thank you!!!!

EVERYONE should do your courses! They are transformational!

Katrina Kavvalos March 2017


  • 2 x 1 hour live mentoring Q+A sessions per month with 12 Times #1 Best Seller Pam Brossman

  • Pam will pop in once per week to make sure everyone is moving forward and reply to questions within the group.

  • Support from other authors in the group.

  • Bonus 1: How To Find A Hot Book Topic

  • Bonus 2: 7 x #1 Best Sellers To Model

  • 25% Best Seller Mentoring Group Discounts on all Pam’s other events, programs and courses for as long as you are a member.

Click To Get Started Only $98.88 p/m





Option 2:

 Self Publishing Secrets

Plus 3 Months Best Seller Monthly Mentoring

This option is perfect for those who have:

  • Not done any of Pam’s self-publishing programs
  • Want to launch a Kindle book on Amazon
  • Would like the step-by-step video training tutorials and templates
  • Plus, upsell option for 3 months FREE mentoring in the Best Seller Private Mentoring Membership*
  • Note: 3 months Free is optional, if you only want the DIY Self Publishing Secrets, that is perfectly fine.

* After 3 months you can choose to continue with the Monthly Membership @ $98.88 per/mth that is totally up to you.

Total Value $888 | Special Offer $555 USD

A really BIG THANK YOU Pam.

— For many years I have been wanting to write a Book — and you have made it so easy — your coaching was inspiring with very clear and succinct instructions—Pam, you really went above and beyond in helping all of us to become authors in our own rights— you pushed us gently but firmly — you encouraged and exhorted us when we doubted ourselves — there has been so many pearls of wisdom and knowledge that you so generously gave us — it has been a privilege to be part of this coaching program and unlike many coaches who promise the world and then give you an atlas— you promised an atlas and gave us the “World” — you under promised and over delivered — how refreshing— once again thank you so much.

Carl John Fechner, Internet Secrets Made Easy | October 2016



This course is perfect for those want to share their expertise using the original Kindle format. It includes step-by-step video training on how to write your book,  my 60 min book writing formula, plus pre-formatted templates to make it super easy to write and self-publish your book. By the end of this course you will be able to self-publish your very first Kindle Expertise Book on Amazon.

Self Publishing Secrets Includes:

  • 6 x Step-by-step video modules showing you exactly what to do including to write and self publish a Kindle Book on Amazon.
  • Plus, ‘Self Publishing VA’s’ extra module for those who want to do self publish people’s book as a service
  • 60 Min Book Writing Formula and Book Mapping Template – Map out your book in less than 60 mins.
  • 1 x Word Pre-formatted template – write your book directly into the template, get it edited, upload straight to Amazon
  • My Secret Resource List
  • Pricing Cheat Sheet
  • Book Cover Templates & Tutorials
  • Video Tutorials on How To Use The Book Writing Templates

BONUS: Author Profits Pack Includes:

  • 10 x Author Profit Strategy Video Tutorials
  • 10 x Strategy Blueprints
  • 10 x Strategy Implementation Checklists

BONUS: Hot Topic Pack Includes:

  • Pam’s Top 5 places to market research your topic specific to your industry.
  • 5  Step-by-step Strategy Videos
  • 5 Strategy Worksheets
  • 7 x #1 Best Sellers to model in .pdf

Click To Get Started Today! Total Value $888 | Special Offer $555 USD
Thank you so MUCH Pam Brossman!!! You have such a big heart and passion for doing what you’re doing – answering my questions at all hours and keeping an eye on me all the way – THANK YOU!!! Couldn’t have got my #1 Amazon Best Seller without you.

Virginia Cheong, March 2017, Business Strategist

So fab finally meeting my self publishing mentor in person who helped coach me to become an author and get my book to completion with her incredible Best Selling Author program!

Thank you Pam Brossman I couldn’t have got this book to where it is without your incredible wealth of knowledge, ongoing support and easy to follow teaching methods on how to be a self published author.

Catherine Sissons April 2017


I’ve just been listening back to the recording of my last mentoring session with Pam Brossman. I have valued greatly the 4 sessions I have had with Pam. They have focused me and given real direction to my work. I am one of those people who have hundreds of ideas for what I want to do, but I don’t always know how to implement them. Pam walks me through the development of my ideas and thoughts, helps me clarify them and turn them into programs that will develop and enhance the leadership skills of my clients. I have always seen a mentor as someone who walks the road with you, sharing her experience and expertise so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel at every turn in our own business or career. Pam has been that kind of mentor to me.

Maree Harris, May 2016, People Empowered