DAY 10: eBook Profit Ideas

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We are up to Final Day 10. If you have not visited the previous 9 posts, the Blog eBook series links are above.

Let’s have fun today and talk about eBook Profit ideas.

You can grab my #1 Best Seller Bundle on How To Self Publish a Book in 10 Super Easy Steps, plus How To Boost Your Business With A Book.

Marketing Tip: Use the 5 Day Free for promotion boosts not for launches. Always launch with a low to high strategy to get more sales.

Pricing Tips

  • If launching on Amazon it is a great idea to do a $0.99 cent launch for 48 hours to create a buzz
  • Then you can change your price to your permanent price.
  • Every 8 weeks do another promo to keep your book showing up in the search results.
  • If doing more than one book, make sure to rotate them and use them as a book sales lead magnet

Don’t forget 50% coupon expires 31st Dec 18

Blog Self Publishing

Website Selling Tips:

You can usually sell eBooks for much higher on your own website. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Put one book on Amazon for positioning and credibility. This will help with getting accepted for affiliate programs like Amazon and others. Authors are known to be credible and can fast track your Authority for your niche topic.
  • Create book bundles and sell for a higher price.
  • Include upsells, offers and affiliate links on the eBooks you sell from your own website.
  • Always include a bump offer on your thank you page or in your email to buy something else from you while your customer is in buying mode. You can do this with  my favourite shopping cart. Check it out here.
  • Create a workbook or free giveaway with the first 5 pages of your books to get people onto your database.

Final Marketing Tips:

  • The more eBooks you create the more income you can earn
  • Definitely leverage both Amazon and your website to split test which traffic gets you the most sales. If you are finding you are getting more income from your own website traffic, only have one book on Amazon.
  • Collaborate with other people in your niche.
    • Everyone does a chapter
    • Everyone gets their name on the book
    • Everyone gets a copy to sell from their own website
    • Everyone is cross promoting each other [maximum selling opportunity]
    • Always include a free giveaway in your chapter to get them into your sales funnel
  • Optional – create the audio version of your book and give it away as a lead magnet and upsell the physical or digital book with bonus gifts
  • Optional – turn your Kindle book into a physical book and sell in the Book store, Kindle store and also on your website.
  • Don’t forget to claim your book on Author Central
  • Most importantly, put your blog posts on Amazon so you can ride their traffic and boost your sales.

Now it is time to publish your book and get it up on Amazon or your blog making sales. If you want to fast track the process and do it step-by-step with me, make sure to grab the BlogSelfpublishing program 50% off special before it expires.

Let me know when you have finished your book with my course and I will give it a plug. I love supporting my authors. I have over 100 #1 Best Selling Authors, you could be my next success story.

Good luck and please share if you found these posts helpful so I can help more bloggers and others share their genius with the world.

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