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We are up to Day 8. If you have not visited the previous 7 posts, the Blog eBook series links are above.

Today I will share with you my simple 5 x 5 x 5 Fast eBook Writing Formula.

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The reason that most people don’t publish eBooks is because they think it is hard. If you are a blogger it does not get much easier because you already have all the success clues in your blog analytics.

Today I am going to give you a simple Fast eBook Writing Formula that I include in my program including the templates so that you can write your blog eBook this weekend.

Marketing Tip: short reads are the most popular books on Amazon. People want outcomes fast. It is not like Google in which they want you to write 3000 words of content. People want outcomes, the faster you deliver what they want, the more they love your books and will consume more.

First 5 of the Fast eBook Writing Formula:

  • Choose your topic
  • Choose your reader
  • Choose their outcome, desire, pain, want or passion that you are going to include in your book
  • Choose 5 things that you need to tell them on that topic

Note: It can be 5 different things, or it can be 5 step by step things [you can have more than 5], just start with 5 first.

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Second 5 of the Fast eBook Writing Formula:

Now you have chosen your topic, your reader and their outcome. Plus, you have chosen the 5 things that you MUST tell them to help them, transform their lives, get them a result or make them happy. Now it is time for the second 5 of the Fast eBook Writing Formula.

  • Under each one of the 5 chapter topics you have chosen in the first 5
  • Write down 5 things you need to explain about that chapter topic to help your reader understand, implement, learn, take action or get a result from that chapter.
  • That is your paragraph topics.

Note: Also make a note of things that would be really great to engage the reader like images, quotes, tables, lists etc.

Third 5 of the Fast eBook Writing Formula:

First 5 of the Fast eBook Writing Formula:  Choose 5 topics for your book, different or sequential does not matter.

Second 5 of the Fast eBook Writing Formula: Choose 5 things that you need to include under each one of those chapters to help your reader. Paragraph Subheadings.

Third 5 of the Fast eBook Writing Formula: 3-5 Bullet Points

  • Under each one of your 5 subheadings include 3-5 bullet points
  • These bullet points are joggers of the content that you are going to include in each of your paragraphs so you don’t forget.

Note: If you are using existing blog posts, and posting on Amazon. Make sure to add 30% more to each one of the paragraphs or chapters to make it new content different to your free blog posts.

How easy was that?

Now it is time to publish your book and get it up on Amazon or your blog making sales. If you want to fast track the process and do it step-by-step with me, make sure to grab the BlogSelfpublishing program 50% off special before it expires.

Day 9 Blog Self Publishing post is all about publishing tips to ensure your book gets found easily on Amazon.

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