It’s okay to do business YOUR WAY
This week I just wanted to share a bit about how I have created a successful lifestyle business from home with a model that works for
  • My clients
  • My lifestyle
  • My personal impact aspirations
  • My financial goals
  • Most importantly my Happiness

There is no ONE way to run a business. Especially in the digital online space. The more I tried to fit into ‘male business models’ that were not family friendly. The miserable I became.

And the more I spoke with other women wanting to create Family Friendly Financial Freedom too, the more I realised I was not alone.

We did not want the Companies, Corporations, Jet Planes, Hotels and Suitcases and forever away from our family. Or even worse, so burnt out that we could barely be there for our kids let alone create success.

So today’s just a boost of confidence video to say that you can create a business that you love, even a Solopreneur Empire like me. Figure out what works for you… and just give it a try.

Enjoy the journey, running your own business is not about creating another JOB. It’s about creating an experience for YOU and those you choose to serve that make everyone happy. See you next week.

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Last Saturday I was a guest in a Canadian Business Networking Event. I met a lady  in a breakout room and she said she didn’t know what to ask for and didn’t have clarity around what she was doing.  I offered to help for free with a Prominence and Persuasion review and gave her a link to my Click Me Pages to book a call. 24 hours later she is now my coaching client. Click Me Pages are a Game Changer for my business especially with virtual networking. One click was all it took to get my next client, it works!

Steve Brossman Aug 2021

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