Did you know you could embed YouTube Videos into your Canva Websites?
When I learned this a few weeks ago I was so excited. Not only that you can embed your podcast into Click Me Pages Canva Websites too and they just launched new responsive templates you can check out mine here.
Why is this a good thing Pam?
Because, most people get distracted when you send them to your YouTube video. Yes you can embed it on your blog or vlog like this one, if you have one. However, not everyone has or wants a blog, so the only place to send them is to YouTube.
Do the views still count?
Absolutely! That’s what is so fantastic. Make sure to go and click on my Click Me Pages Canva Website so you can see how it works.
The other issue that happens when you send people directly to YouTube is that most people do not go to your description where all your links are from your video.
YouTube usually distracts them with another video at the end, and most of the time it is not your video, but maybe even a competitor on the same topic.
When you embed it into your Click Me Pages, they can take the exact action you want them to take next including:
  • Go to your lead magnet
  • Buy your book or journal
  • Join your social media group or social pages
  • Book in a call
  • Or even buy the products you are talking about in your video

You always want to have a Call To Action link exactly at the time they are watching your video before they get distracted with something else.

Give it a try. Click Me Pages are editable and rebrandable Canva Templates that you can have live in less than 90 mins and update them as many times as you lick.

Click here to watch the video to learn more and start embedding your podcasts and videos into your mini marketing website today. And yes, it works with the free version of Canva and the hosting is free. I prefer using Canva Pro as it has more features. You can take it for a test drive for 30 days for free to see if you like it.

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Last Saturday I was a guest in a Canadian Business Networking Event. I met a lady  in a breakout room and she said she didn’t know what to ask for and didn’t have clarity around what she was doing.  I offered to help for free with a Prominence and Persuasion review and gave her a link to my Click Me Pages to book a call. 24 hours later she is now my coaching client. Click Me Pages are a Game Changer for my business especially with virtual networking. One click was all it took to get my next client, it works!

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Pam Brossman

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