Canva Record Direct Is The Biggest Game Changer This Year…
When I heard about this I was beside myself with excitement? Mainly for the amount of time it was going to save me, but also for my students to be able to do everything within the one place without having to use all these new tools.
Plus, two weeks later they launched the new Canva Video Editing tool, you can watch that video here if you have not already seen it.
Imagine being able to just open up your Canva app or Canva desktop tool like I use, and be able to just push record and it automatically go straight into your account ready to edit.
Here are just some of the ways you can be using the new Direct Canva Record Tool:
  • Shoot a Instagram Reels directly into Canva, add your animations, text, music and do any edits required in the video editor and then download to your phone and upload to your Instragram Reels page. Hopefully you will be able to schedule directly to Reels shortly from Canva.
  • TikTok videos if you are hanging out there now you can record directly into Canva ready to edit and post
  • Youtube intro videos. This is what I am using it for the most. I used to have to do them on my iPad and then edit them and it was a pain. Now I just record them directly into Canva and drag and drop them into my YouTube Thumbnail Templates ready to upload to my YouTube Account.
  • You can also do video intros to your course content using your branded course creator templates. If you want to check out my rebrandable Canva Templates to make it faster you can find them here.

So many exciting ways to set this up all ready to do your social media marketing, course creation and any other videos you use in your business including your Vlogs. I even use it for video for my new Click Me Pages too. I love it.

I love using Canva Pro you can take it for a test drive for 30 days free. I am a promotional partner Canva Champion and I absolutely love it. Have you tried their new responsive websites yet. You can check mine out here.

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Pam Brossman I cannot thank you enough for creating these templates and showing us how to do them! Just made my life so much easier!!! They are absolutely amazing!!


Pam Brossman
Pam Brossman

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