I love goal setting do you?

I have been a goal setter all my life and it has had a huge impact on my personal and business success. In today’s blog post I want to share with you some of the goal setting strategies and tips that I use to get results fast.

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Goal Setting Tips:

Here are my top tips for getting results with your goal setting faster in your life and business

  • Set a B.A.G Big Audacious Goal. It is important to stretch outside your comfort zone and your self belief to stop living ground hog day every year.
  • Then set 3 month, 6 month and 12 month goals that are aimed towards that Big Audacious Goal. Small steps forward, turn into momentum.
  • Have an accountability journal. I use my I Can Daily Action Goal Setting Planner.  
  • If you are someone who likes a diary or journal like me I use my Journal Planners.
  • If you are just getting started, the printables are perfect too.
  • Once you know your 3 Month Goal, break it down into monthly, weekly and daily goal setting tasks so that you can tick them off as you go.
  • The more you get results and wins, the more excited you become and that excitement and energy propels you towards your goals faster.
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Most Important Goal Setting Advice:

The first part of reaching your goals successfully is self belief which is why having a daily action planner keeps you accountable.

  • Create a daily to do list and make sure to focus on your top 3 priorities first before you do anything else.
  • Mindset is really important to your success. Create a 7 day affirmation list [I have one in the I Can Planner], and focus on one affirmation every day for 7 days and then move onto the next one. I like to say it, write it and really get excited about the affirmation. Energy is important when creating positive success habits and reaching your goals faster.
  • Gratitude is very important which is why I incorporated daily gratitude into the I Can Goal Setting Daily Action Planner. I like to start my day with gratitude and then also end my day with 3 positives that I am grateful for too. That allows you to go to bed with a positive mindset and start the day excited to take on your next goal in your goal setting planner.
  • Positive energy words are also every important. I learned this from my sister who is a prosperity coach. That’s why I included high power positive energy word games into my planner so you can start implementing them into your day to day life while eliminating negative word habits.
  • It is also important to know your WHY, behind your goals. Those people who have a strong WHY statement, become laser focused on their goal setting results. In the I Can Planner we have a ‘Why Statement’ at the beginning so you know exactly what you want to achieve and why it is important to reach that goal.

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More Goal Setting Tips:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Trust your instincts, it is your biggest fan
  • Stay focused on your Big Audacious Goal and don’t let anyone try and sabotage your dreams
  • Journal daily, it keeps you accountable and on track
  • Make it fun and join a community of likeminded people who are striving to be their best self too. If you want to join our amazing I Can Success Hub for Women Entrepreneurs you can find out more here.
  • Have a plan and daily action steps to keep your momentum going forward
  • Be open to opportunities and detours, sometimes the most exciting goals happen… out of the blue.
  • Make it fun. Do not make your goals a chore, or you will give up on them very quickly.
  • Always recognise and reward your wins along the way. If you reach a goal early, give yourself a huge Hi Five!
  • Lastly, stay positive, dream big and focus on being your best self… if you do that, you will live life with no regrets.

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