7 Levels Deep

This tool help you personally figure out the WHY behind what you want to achieve in life and your business. So you get to firstly do it on yourself and then depending on what topic you are doing for your own workshop, mastermind or virtual event, you can tailor this tool for your own programs as well. This one tool has impacted thousands of people in the Knowledge Business Blueprint program in 2019, including me.

The Intro Card

This is a great tool as an ice breaker that can be used both for face to face masterminds or even virtual masterminds. It is a way to know your participants on a deeper level and get everyone to connect quickly. Each of these tools comes with a video training from Dean on how to leverage them in your own Knowledge Business programs.

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The Clarity Tool

I love this tool personally. Because I know without clarity you are running your business in the clouds and that is the sorts of results you will achieve…foggy with lots of ups and downs. I have used this many times and my husband loves this tool. In fact some of my Create Virtual Workshop students created their own programs just around the Clarity Tool itself.

I know I am Successful When

This tool is great for helping you and or your students narrow your focus for faster growth. It helps you to prioritize your growth goals around your highest values to build a business that you not only love, but will thrive and impact thousands of lives at the same time.

Your Not To Do List

Now this one training was a game changer for LOTS of people in the Knowledge Business Blueprint KBB community. In this training you learn about what to automate, delegate and eliminate, something I will be focusing on hugely in 2020 that is for sure.

Go and watch the free training videos and then I will let you know when the live training starts after the 19th February 2020.

Even More Knowledge Broker Blueprint Tools For You to Grow Your Business in 2020

Needle Movers

This tool is a great way to extract what is getting the best results in your business so you can align your growth plan around what is working and do more of that in your business planning.

The Spotlight

This is a great tool to use in your own business with your team or in your masterminds to help people to spot light the issues or blockages holding them back in their business and collectively find solutions and turn those blocks into Needle Movers or eliminate them completely.

The Success Loop

This is like a success blueprint that makes you take an overall audit of your life and business as it is and where you want it to go and how to make sure you stay moving towards your future and not focusing on things that no longer serve you or your business growth.

There are so many more tools to use for yourself and your business growth, as well as mentoring tools for your own masterminds and workshops. I cannot wait to see the new tools coming into the Toolbox for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 launching in Feb 19 2020.

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Remember, as an affiliate partner for the program I have put together an amazing bonus for those people who choose to join the KBB Family with my link. I will be sharing the details shortly, but I will give you a teaser. One of the bonuses is spending 4 weeks with me to hand hold you through the whole process. For someone who has been a part of it for nearly a year and had huge success using the KBB system.  I am excited to help you grow your business in 2020 and I am going to hand hold you through the whole process…

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