Do you have a zone of genius, super power, skills, knowledge or area of expertise that can help people get results, transformations or solutions? Or do you feel empowered to impact lives, educate and help more people in your lifetime and get paid to do what you love? Then you are going to love the Knowledge Business Blueprint!


Why Most People Don’t Start A Knowledge Broker Business:

Fear of not being able to finish the program and implement it.

I know we have all gone and purchased programs that you started the first module and then got side tracked and never finished it. Or even worse, you bought it and it went straight onto the shelf collecting dust with all the other unused courses. That is not going to happen when you do the KBB Knowledge Business Blueprint program [upgraded to Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 in 2020]

Negativity / Self doubt / Limiting Beliefs

You have negative Nancy voice in your ear, or even worse family, friends and well meaning people trying to keep you in the 80% club and sadly you have spent to much time listening to their advice, instead of listening to your inner voice who knows you were here for bigger things.

Not sure if there was a market for their niche

Fear of the unknown. What if I give it a go and it does not work? Trust me, that was me in April 2019 when I decided to throw caution to the wind and try something new from scratch. I was petrified… and then by fate, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint appeared in my inbox.

Go and watch the free training videos and then I will let you know when the live training starts on the 27th February 2020.

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How I got the most out of the program and why you will love it too.

Firstly, like most people I am time poor. I definitely was not interested in doing another program that was filled with 75% waffle and 25% actionable content… boy was the Knowledge Business Blueprint a breath of fresh air.

You see, Tony and Dean have collectively been in the knowledge business for over 60 years between them. They already knew why people failed and where the gaps were that needed to be filled.

That’s why they built the first version of the Knowledge Business Blueprint in 2019 from the ground up with just 3 steps:

  1. Extract it
  2. Build it
  3. Launch it

In this short blog post [I don’t write long posts, I want you to take action and go and watch the free training so you can get excited about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 launching 19th Feb]. Plus the amazing bonuses I have for those of you who are smart enough to come and join the KBB Family with my link  I cannot wait to share those with you.

Go and watch the free training videos and then I will let you know when the live training starts on the 27th February 2020.


Mindset is 95% of your success story and action makes it a reality

Wait till you see the Greatness Garden video from Tony Robbins. Boy has he over delivered in this course. He knows, from being in the industry for over 40 years, what it takes to succeed in life and business. So he has included some of this best training to help you not only overcome any limiting beliefs holding you back from succeeding. But planting new success seeds that will help you reach your full potential while serving others at the highest level.

As you go through the Extract it training with Dean, you unlock bonus training from Tony. The reason that this is so amazing, is that it keeps you accountable and on track to move throughout the modules and implement as you go.

It took me about 4-5 weeks to complete the training and then another 3 weeks to decide on my first topic and then I launched. It was amazing!

I have done a LOT of courses in my time, however, this one just made it so easy to extract what skills and knowledge I had, and then create a virtual program and launch it with the Mindmint software. [Wait till I tell you about the Mindmint software in my next blog post… insanely good].

I loved the training that Tony gave us on what it takes to succeed in 4 simple steps.

  1. Belief and certainty
  2. Potential
  3. Action
  4. Results

At the end of that training alone I knew that my belief system of going to the next level had shifted. Like many people I had plateaued in my growth. I had reached a comfort level and got a bit lazy. After the Extract it training, I had that fire in my belly once again to reach my full potential, just like you.

Go and watch the free training videos and then I will let you know when the live training starts after the 19th February 2020.


Discovering Your Super Power

This module was such a wake-up call for me. I had what I thought were my super power. However, by the end of the module I had discovered other skills that I did not even realise other people wanted to learn.

Identifying Your Ideal Client

In this section Dean takes you through finding the perfect avatar for your zone of genius. He makes it super simple to describe and extract who that person is and where to find them so that you can serve them with your expertise and experience at the highest level and get paid to impact lives.

The Narrow Your Niche Tool

This is where I started to get my aha moments on what my virtual workshop topic was going to be. In the Knowledge Broker Blueprint you can deliver your content any way you like. Face to face mastermind. Virtual workshops, ongoing membership masterminds or a combination of all.

Plus you get tools that you are allowed to use in your own masterminds and I just found out they have added another 4 for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0.  The tools have been HUGELY popular with the over 20,000 members of Knowledge Business Blueprint private KBB family.

Plus you also learn:

  • The secret art of story telling
  • Extracting what to teach
  • How to map out your course agenda and structure
  • 7 Levels Deep Exercise to learn what is the driving WHY behind what you want to achieve in your business and life [so good].
  • Oh, and you will LOVE the Clarity Tool. This has been one of the most popular tools in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint toolbox that many of the Knowledge Brokers have been using in their own Knowledge Business Blueprints.

Anyway, I could go on for hours. Go and get a taster of what it is like to learn with Tony & Dean and then make sure to keep your eyes open for when the doors to LIVE free training on the 19th of February. Don’t worry, I will send you an email reminder so you don’t miss it.

Click the link below and watch the videos. Tony’s mindset training and Dean’s persuasion video is off the charts and you can implement them both immediately into your business.

Plus, I have a Surprise Knowledge Broker Blueprint Bonus
All Will be Revealed After 27th Feb…. So Excited!

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Remember, as an affiliate partner for the program I have put together an amazing bonus for those people who choose to join the KBB Family with my link. I will be sharing the details shortly, but I will give you a teaser. One of the bonuses is spending 4 weeks with me to hand hold you through the whole process. For someone who has been a part of it for nearly a year and had huge success using the KBB system.  I am excited to help you grow your business in 2020 and I am going to hand hold you through the whole process…

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Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0
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