Got your lead magnet all ready to go?

Ready to set up your opt-in landing page?

Make sure that your opt-in page [s] if you are split testing, have these 7 components to boost your conversions…

Plus, don’t forget to watch the funny blooper at the end – gotta love technology!


Important things to remember when creating your Opt-in Conversion Pages

  • Test, test, test
  • Not all industries and niches work the same
  • Follow the 7 steps in the video to make sure you have everything you need to get your visitors interested in your opt-in
  • Try more than one layout to see if your market likes
    • Short copy
    • Long copy
    • Video on the opt-in page
    • Long forms vs only email

More things to test:

  • Your Headline
  • Your Subheadline
  • Positioning on the page
  • Header, footer, side of your blog
  • Pop-ups, button pop-ups, link pop-ups
  • Button colour
  • Text Call To Action on button

Watch video to get the 7 EXACT Opt-in Conversion components every page MUST HAVE in 2019 to convert well.

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Places to find top converting lead magnet examples:

Check out Optin-Monstor they have some great examples of opt-in pages that are converting really well right now.

Here are a few more examples:

Here is some more examples of great opt-in conversion pages:

What to do next:

  • Design your lead magnet and make sure it has these 7 Must Have components
  • Create at least 2 opt-in pages that consist of today’s 7 Opt-in Conversion tips.
  • Send either paid traffic or organic traffic to both pages and see which one gets the most leads over a 30 day period [less if paid ads]
  • Focus on your upsell strategy for after they opt-in

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