Creating journals and beautiful stationery has been a passion of mine for a very long time. As part of the launch of my new business Evolving HQ and programs Manifesting Empire and Solopreneur Empire, I wanted to create beautiful notebooks, journals, planners and journals that women entrepreneurs loved to use every day.

In December I decided to take 4 weeks off and turn that passion into a reality. Some of the  new journals are awaiting approval, however others are ready for you to enjoy already.

Some of my students have already grabbed the first published off of Amazon and looooooove them. This makes me so happy.

If you want to start 2021 with the right mindset for success check out the brand new Evolving HQ Series, there’s lots to choose from and more coming soon.


Gratitude Manifestation Journal : My 90 Day Money Manifesting Planner

How to use your Daily Manifestation Journal

The more you focus your mindset on positive, happy energy, the faster you will manifest what you want. You have to believe it to be already on its way, for you to stay in the right frequency and attract what you want to you. This journal will help you stay focused on your positive manifesting frequency each and every day, so you can live your dream life.

Included in Your Money Manifesting Journal:

♥ This 8 x 10 soft cover journal comes in many different colors and designs including pink and gold, champagne and aqua blue and more. You can choose which one you love by clicking on my name Pam Brossman or searching my name on Amazon;

♥ 300 black and white beautifully designed internal pages;

♥ Manifesting wish list & perfect day envisioning pages;

♥ A place to write your daily gratitude to help you stay focused and intentional with your manifesting, allowing and attracting frequency;

♥ Journal pages to write your intuitive ideas that come to you from within, so you can activate those ideas faster;

♥ Weekly manifestation review pages to track your manifesting momentum;

♥ Positive quotes and affirmations to empower you daily;

♥ 30/60/90/ 6mth /12 mth manifesting goal planner;

♥ Dream Manifesting Bucket List page;

♥ Daily dose of positive at the front of your manifesting journal for you to choose your word for the day and start each day empowered;

♥ The perfect journal to help you manifest your dreams faster and stay aligned to your positive, happy life.

The more fun you have, the faster you manifest. This journal will help you to focus on your feelings & happiness daily while dreaming, journaling and attracting all that you want and more.

Focused frequency attracts financial freedom. So what are you waiting for. Grab your copy today, or even grab a couple so you can give them as gifts to friends, family members or even for your clients, events or workshops.

Plus, don’t forget to check out the other journals, planners, notebooks and inspirational coloring journals for women in the Evolving HQ series and Manifesting Empire Series which you can find under my Pam Brossman profile on Amazon.


I can’t keep saying how much I love your templates. This is my new Facebook cover for my new workshop. Took me less than 10mins


Pam Brossman
Pam Brossman

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