Just heard that Brendon Burchard Is Speaking At The Own Your Future Challenge In May Have You Registered Yet?

Okay, a few days ago I was telling you about my girl crush that I had on Jenna Kutcher. Gosh, I am old enough to be her mother, but she is one of the smartest women entrepreneurs online right now and really cares about women succeeding and impacting the masses with their Zone of Genius.

So I am in Own Your Future Challenge Heaven…and already secured my spot, have you registered yet?

Then, the other day I found out that one of my very first mentors, who had the biggest impact on my life over 15 years ago and still today. Is also going to be speaking at the Own Your Future Challenge too..

I almost cried with happiness… imagine having people who charge thousands and thousands to get access to them, for any form of coaching, giving their time for free to help people like you and me succeed in life and business…

I know them both personally, and they really, really care about your success and helping you to become the best version of you in your lifetime.

As soon as the doors opened, I registered and got into the private challenge group immediately to meet more awesome people like you. We are already having a blast… come join us.

OMGee, when I last looked there was already over 162,000 people and growing by the minute… I think I heard Dean Graziosi mention they are on a mission to impact one million lives this year…. how awesome is that?

Come and join the party and don’t forget to @pambrossman  me in the group so we can hang out together and be accountability buddies throughout the challenge, it’s fun.


Own Your Future Challenge

How Brendon Burchard Changed My Life & Helped Me Believe In My Vision


Firstly, if you have not yet been blessed to be a part of Brendon Burchard’s brilliance, make sure to go and visit him at Brendon.com. I have read every one of his books, done just about every one of his mentoring programs, and hand on heart can honestly say he is one of the reasons I am still here today 17 years after deciding to become an entrepreneur after the birth of my son Hunter.
You see… Brendon planted a seed of possibility within me that I never knew even existed and for that I will be eternally grateful. A seed that in my mind, at the time, was not much more than a weed of failure…here’s why…
When I was younger, I used to love to write poetry. In fact, I shared some of it on Pinterest over 12 years ago, and it is still some of my most shared pins online… how funny.
However, my English teacher did not think I had any talent at all, and took great pleasure in telling me so in every class. In fact, she pretty much wrote me off as stupid…. and sadly, like many others before me, I believed her.
So much so… that I flunked English in my HSC year, and never wrote much of anything again.

Fast track 25 years later… after the birth of my beautiful son Hunter, I was thrown into another conundrum of whether to choose my career or my child. However, this decision was very easy to make and that’s when after 25 years in a very successful corporate career [definitely not stupid], I decided to become an entrepreneur and create family friendly financial freedom for me and my family…
That’s when I met Brendon through his amazing book Life’s Golden Ticket. If you have not read it, it’s a must read. I was actually introduced to Brendon by one of my other mentors Frank Kern, that’s how I found his book, and his story really resonated with me…
Then I bought his next book Millionaire Messenger and I knew he was the mentor for me…so I purchased his Experts Academy Program which led me to his amazing live event which changed my life forever.

You can learn with Brendon for free at the Own Your Future Challenge, in May. Have you registered yet?



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He called me selfish… and it changed my life…

Fortunately for me,  I was blessed to have an opportunity to go and spend 3 days with Brendon at an event that changed my life. I had been online for about 4 years by this time and had fallen in love with Brendon’s mentoring style.  Not only does he have a BIG heart, he actually cares about every person who comes into his centre of influence. He’s just a gift from heaven is all I can say, and when you hear his story, you will 100% understand, that he is here to impact the masses…. you do not want to miss his session at the Own Your Future Challenge.
You see  Brendon has this unique gift of helping you see and find your purpose and usually it’s something that was right under your nose all along… just like me.

This is how it unfolded…

While Brendon was teaching on stage, I think it was day two from memory, he said something that really cut through to my heart.
It was a message, that I believe so many women need to hear, who like me, had been shut down in the past for being stupid, when really you had a such an amazing gift, all along
On this day, Brendon was talking about the power of a book, and how by NOT sharing your message, we were being selfish, because that message, talent, gift could be the one thing that could change another person’s life forever… just like Brendon had done for me.
He then went on to say that one of the most powerful and lasting legacies, that can make the biggest impact ripple in other people’s lives, was to share your story, genius and message, in a book.
All of a sudden my heart sank... and the memories of that horrible teacher came flooding back like a blocked drain, and I felt like I was once again drowning in my own whirlpool of self doubt and shame. For a moment time stood still and I felt like I’d gone back in time to that classroom of failure, where everyone on either side of me were pointing and laughing at me. To be honest my initial reaction was upset and anger.
Yes, Brendon had pushed my buttons in that moment, but in a good way and here’s why…
I knew deep down inside I was here to change lives, and I also knew in my heart what Brendon was saying was true. How could it not be true when so many people’s books had changed my life…. including Brendon’s own books.
I was in such turmoil because I did not want to be selfish… but my English teacher told me I sucked and for 30 years of my life, I believed that to be true.

The Words That Changed Everything

Why You Need To Be A Part Of The Own Your Future Challenge


These words changed my life…

So by now you get that I did not want to be selfish, and that the thought of writing a book made me feel sick with fear and dread.

But then Brendon said something that changed everything, words that changed my vision, purpose and mission forever … he said something to the effect of…

Your Message is not about YOU, your message is there to help those who may be stuck where you once were. And by not sharing your message, you’re being selfish, when your words could impact and change the lives of many…

In that moment… I got it!

I got back on the plane from the United States, all the way back to Australia and  on that flight home, I read Brendon’s Book Millionaire Messenger one more time.

On that plane I decided that I was the only one to change the chapters in my life, and no one gets to write my life’s story but ME. I am going to prove them all wrong and write my first book. This book is not about me… it’s about helping other people… even though I have no idea how I am going to do it, I am smart, and I will figure it out…. and so I did!


I wrote my very first book Your Millionaire Attitude in 8 days [I was obsessed]. Six weeks later, I launched that book on Amazon, and to my surprise, became a #1 Best Seller and I was so grateful.

That book to date has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and I still receive emails today, from women who said I changed their lives..

Imagine that being YOU and your story.... that’s the magic that happens at these events and why I really want you to come and spend time with these amazing speakers who really want you to succeed and share your own personal impact with the world, too.

So what are you waiting for?Register today and come into the group we are having a blast!

I have never seen so many amazing speakers at one event including Chalene Johnson, Brendon Burchard, The Boss Babes, Jenna Kutcher, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins and more.

See you there x

PS. I already believe in your awesome… let’s rock this challenge together!

Pam Brossman
Pam Brossman

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