Free Own Your Future Challenge Is Open For Registration YAY!

OMGee, I have known about this for about 8 weeks and I’ve been dying to spill the beans but I was not allowed until today…

As some of you know, I have been hanging with Dean and Tony for the last 2 years, and to say it has been life changing for my personal life and my business growth, is an understatement…

So when I got an email telling me about what Dean, Tony and some of the smartest leaders in the knowledge and coaching space were doing in May… I was really excited.

Now the biggest mistake most people will make, which is kinda sad, is they will just see it as another challenge and walk on by… DON’T be that person

I used to be that person, and it kept me in the ‘playing small’ for far too long.

I don’t know how many times I just ignored amazing opportunities to learn, and network with likeminded people, just because of my ‘know it all attitude’…

I want you to shift your thinking in 2021, like I did two years ago and start imagining this instead…

Imagine being able to hang out for FREE, with some of the smartest, talented, caring and gifted mentors in the knowledge coaching business space, and learn how to impact more people’s lives while growing your own coaching business… how cool would that be?

Not only that… being able to hang out with hundreds of thousands of likeminded people, at different stages of growing and sharing their own expertise, knowledge, passions and genius, in the fastest and most exciting digital economy that we live in today, the online knowledge business…
…No need to imagine…because we can do it together in May, YAY!

Yes, there is already 140k plus people in the challenge and growing by the minute and I registered early… Click here to join the Own Your Future early bird party today it’s FREE!


Own Your Future Challenge

Sadly, many people don’t walk through an open door when they see it…

They just keep on doing the same old, same old, and wondering why nothing changes…

Thinking that growing a successful knowledge business from their expertise is for other people, not for me..

Or, I am already maxed out with my one on one coaching, this digital economy is not for me… when it’s exactly what you need to scale to the next level.

Gosh, have you ever bought something off of Udemy?

They are every day people just like YOU, who just learned how to share their knowledge, skills, hobbies and passions online… it’s time to think bigger, because you can do it too!

So, stop selling yourself short. Everyone has ONE THING they can share with the world…

A hobby, skills, passion, natural gift, message, expertise, even a book to turn into a signature program…

Who would have thought, when I did my skills audit that I would find one simple skill, right under my nose, and turn it into a hugely successful program. A program that I have sold over and over again.

.so YES, you have something to teach others too, and you can learn ALL about it in the Own Your Future Challenge starting May 11, 2021

 …imagine if I had not signed up for Dean and Tony’s training… I never would have even seen that game changer idea…

That’s why when Dean and Tony open a door… I walk straight through it on day ONE. Yep, I am already in there!

Don’t be a dabbler like the others living groundhog day.

Don’t be one of those people who will read this blog post, put it in the ‘I will do it later’ basket, forget all about it, and totally miss out.


Yes...The magic happens learning with amazingly successful mentors

Yes…The magic happens in the whole lead up to the launch

Yes…The magic happens networking in the amazing Own Your Future community with the awesome impact driven people you meet while you wait for the challenge to start

The momentum happens each and every day, you don’t want to miss a minute.

Plus, all the bonus spontaneous content that get’s shared in the lead up…and I just heard, there’s going to be lots of daily prizes once the challenge starts on the 11th May, too.

It’s just one big learning party every day, come join us today in the Own Your Future Challenge we are already on the inside having a blast.

As an entrepreneur and personal impact coach myself, the part I love the most is the learning growth opportunity for my own business…

Yes, I watch and participate in the whole experience from the day doors open, including the lead up marketing, the communication and engagement throughout and most excitedly, the wisdom nuggets generously shared each day….

So, because you are follow my blog, I wanted to give you a GIFT from me… and that is the gift of growing WITH the challenge and having the unfair advantage. 

Not just showing up on the day of the challenge…. no, no, no, that’s how the 95% of dabblers will show up… you are not a dabbler!

Dynamos like me… we are in there from day ONE, watching, learning, growing, networking and creating momentum throughout the whole experience…

And yes I am a joint venture partner, that’s why I can give you the unfair advantage of joining today when the doors have only just opened…

No one wants to miss out on this Free History Making Experience… I think Tony had over 800K+ attend on his last virtual event… it was insanely cool!

The speaker line-up is the BEST I have ever seen in a virtual event in the last 2 years… it’s going to be epic.

Click here, be a DYNAMO with me and join the Own Your Future Challenge, let’s hang out together and see how quickly it grows into an amazing Digital Global Personal Impact Movement in May 2021.

I even heard that Tony and Dean have a dream of impacting over one million people live in this challenge… I definitely want to be a part of that experience don’t you?

Come join the fun, introduce yourself on the inside and let’s rock this amazing challenge together inside the community and watch it grow before our very eyes.

Challenge starts 11th May, but the party has already started in the community !

See you inside 🙂

Pam Brossman
Pam Brossman

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