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Pam Brossman – Pam goes over and beyond. Informative, supportive and inspiring.  She is an Elite Woman helping other Elite Women achieve their book writing goals and I cant wait to to share the book that Pam has help me to get out of my head and onto paper.

Her templates, prompts and online live training have given me the push and information I needed to see this project come to life ~ it’s the only program that I have joined ( and I have done heaps ) where I have showed up to 99% of the live training and coaching calls – This is where the gold is.

Having Pam work along side of me, answering questions as they come up and guiding me through the process ( oh my goodness who would have thought there were so many pieces to the book writing puzzle to put together) has been incredible.

Pam shows up and gives so much value in her Best Seller Influence group. I’ve often wondered whether she has a few clones hiding somewhere as whenever I need her she is there. What I love most about this program is her commitment to see her student succeed.

I highly recommend working with Pam Brossman if you have the opportunity.  She is a pro!

I want to shout your praises for the incredible work you do for your book writing mentee’s – soon to become best selling authors. Your commitment and dedication is second to none. You are the best. You inspire me to step up my game. 🙂 Thank you for showing us what can be done with Shari’s book. xx

Brenda Ann Tsiaousis

Pam has demystified the whole book writing through to publishing process and is so supportive and inspirational. I’ve been talking about writing a book for a decade. Thanks to Pam and her Best Seller Influence program I’m no longer talking about it, I’m doing it. Thanks heaps Pam!!

Gael Gordon

Are you like me, promising yourself that one day you’ll write a book about your passion, as soon as you work out where to start? However when I heard a colleague was about to launch he her first book, and invited me to a 3 day Clarity Master Class to see if the program was suitable, I was hooked on the professionalism and expertise that Pam always provides! Since then the workbooks, live streaming, videos,Q and A Sessions and courteous response to requests from participants has been outstanding and I have learned so much not only about the writing process but also publishing to secure Best Seller ranking! In addition Pam has been patient, caring and cooperative, especially with those without previous experience! Thank you for this creative, challenging and deeply satisfying experience!

Beverley RilattRichardson

Pam Brossman has demystified the book writing process for me. I love how she creates solutions, and make seemingly daunting tasks, manageable and simple to complete. With her expert knowledge and wealth of experience, she brings a warm and inspiring energy! I have loved being a part of her course, and couldn’t have completed my book without her guidance and support!

Sam Theron

In a world where everyone searches Google for information, certain knowledge still remains vague and can only be imparted by those who have done the hard yards and succeeded.
Pam Brossman’s Best Seller Influence program, is the best example of such information. Pam has provided me with cutting-edge insight into marketing my business through the writing and authorship process.
I was immediately impressed by her keen eye for details. Pam’s comprehensive knowledge and ability to focus my efforts and writing towards capitalising current industry trends has vastly improved my business and personal brand.
Pam is a charismatic teacher, generous with her time and talents and genuinely eager to achieve the best outcome for all her students. Her commitment and support has been invaluable. Thanks Pam!

Denise Hart-Christie

Pam Brossman’s Best Seller Influence program is a real true heart-based course.
Pam’s passion to help you achieve your goal shines through every time she speaks.
Pam makes you feel at ease with your learning and is there to assist you with any questions or queries.
If you are looking for a beautiful down to earth person to mentor you then I highly recommend Pam Brossman.
Her knowledge and expertise are deep and profound. She explains every step in such a beautiful understandable format no matter what your learning style may be. Thank you Pam for assisting me in my dream of publishing my book.

Kelli Vertanen

I first found Pam on Facebook through a friend. Out of curiosity, I decided to follow her to see what she was all about and thank goodness I did! I had never thought about writing a book for positioning myself in
business and when Pam advertised her Best Seller Influence program, I just knew it was something I had to do. Apart from launching a product that I can now use for Positioning and Marketing, I have learnt so much more about myself and gained further clarity on the direction I want to take. Her ingenuity and integrity stands out above other Digital Marketers and if you are looking for a mentor who is honest and genuinely cares about your success, Pam is definitely worth speaking to.

Michelle Beresford

Pam Brossman’s Best Seller Influence program is fantastic. Pam’s passion and expertise in this area has helped me break through my fears, and procrastination of writing my book. Her knowledge and ability to put our ideas into book covers with pictures to match, our jumbled mind of words put eloquently and sequentially into corrected reading order. Always there to answer any questions, replying if not immediately, then by the end of the day. Pam has been more then a mentor on this program. Thank you Pam Brossman for all that you have done for me and this group, actually every program I have ever done with you, always received more than ever expected.

Bernadette Giggins

Have you always wanted to write a book, but was too scared and didn’t know where to start? Me too!!!
Then I came across Pam,s Best Seller Influence program. Wow. Pam is a powerhouse of information, knowledge energy and positivity. Nothing is too much trouble for Pam. Her step by step guide on how and what to write has given me the confidence to follow the dream of writing and finishing my book. Thank you Pam

Zoe Buckley

Pam’s mentoring is amazing. I joined her Best Seller Influence in January and have been blown away by Pam’s energy, positivity and commitment to us all. Not only is she THE go to expert that can masterfully guide you, step-by-step, to releasing an online book, but she is also a creative genius! She is generous with her ideas and is extremely supportive. It’s been a privilege to witness her in action and create magic for us all. I couldn’t have chosen a better person to work with to get my first book launched!!

Jo Jo Bailey

Pam’s knowledge of the process for launching a best seller is surpassed only by her generosity and kind spirit. Her passion for helping her clients share their stories and expertise underlies every class and interaction. I’m so grateful to have her guidance as I launch my first book!

Katie Anderson

The Best Seller Influence is a must-do program for any upcoming authors wanting to stand of the crowd. Pam’s advice and guidance is invaluable and she with you every step of the way. There is no other program out there like it or gets even close.

Ivan Radonic