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12 Months DIY Evergreen Program

Value $2222 Evergreen Special $1111 usd

  • 12 Months Access To Pam’s Best Selling Self Publishing A Digital Book On Amazon Program

  • Simple Self Publishing Book Writing System Step-by-Step tutorial 12 mths access you can see what is included in the Self Publish Journals course here

  • New Book to Buyer Book Writing Blueprint & Templates to turn Readers into Clients

  • Pam’s Exclusive Self Publishing Resource List for Editing, Formatting and Book Covers

  • Brand New Book Sales Page Canva Template to Sell Your Books As Soon As They Are Live on Amazon!



 540 Canva Quote & Affirmations template layouts to use in your marketing plus Pam’s original quotes to use in your books and journals with copyright permission for commercial use.

5 of Pam & Steve’s #1 Best Sellers to model

Course Mapping Blueprint : Turn your book into a course to sell online

Self Publish Journals Course : Create print workbooks and journals to sell on Amazon [so much fun and includes templates]

12 Months Access To Private Self Publish Journals & Book To Buyers Live Training Replays in two Separate FB Group. [Pam is not inside the evergreen group for mentoring, however, pops in with updates throughout the year].

Book To Buyers Pam Brossman
Dori Molitor
You’re an incredible mentor!!!

Dori Molitor #1 Best Seller Feb 2022 

Woohoo!!! Thanks Pam for your amazing coaching, program and support. Pam – you rock! Thank you for not only teaching your system but also your amazing marketing skills and discipline – I keep learning more every day from you x

Ali & Ron Beswick Feb 2022  #1 Best Seller
Book To Buyers Pam Brossman


Expertise Publishing
Iris Du
HOLLY MOLLY!! I had a dream of hitting top #100 in Amazon Australia this weekend. And last night before I went to sleep it was at #34.
And it was such a nice surprise that I hit #28 at 4am 4th October 2021. #28!!!!!! LIKE OMGGGGG

Thank you so much for your guidance. This is crazy from #2000 to #28 on the Top 100 Best Seller List in Australia in 48 hours. Thank you Pam for the amazing support!!! We did it

Iris Du #1 Best Seller October 2021 & Jan 2022

After working with Pam for the past two years, I have been able to increase my revenue, publish a #1 Amazon seller book, and we are only just getting started! The innovation and impact has helped women with their stress level around the world. I’m very grateful for your expertise!

Judi Scalley #1 Best Seller 2020

I highly recommend this program!! Pam Brossman is a super expert in the self publishing field. Publishing my book with your guidance has made a big difference. Thank you!

Veronica Sanchez #1 Best Seller 2020

I would never have thought that I was able to write and publish a book. I followed all of Pam’s advice and had a best selling book in just two days. My business is growing due to the book and I feel the ripple effect in all I’m doing.

Jacqueline Steudler #1 Best Seller 2020

Don’t fight the system, Leverage It. Having a total of 9 individual and collaborative Best Selling Books, I now use, and leverage, them in my business marketing daily.   My  latest mini book, ‘The Art and Science of Virtual Selling’ is out now Sept 2021, and is constantly getting me invited to some of the most powerful and influential podcasts on sales and marketing. Plus,  attracting many high level clients into my mentoring programs too.

As Pam says “It is no longer about having a book on Amazon. It’s how you use your KLT Book as the connector tool to attract the right readers, who are excited  and ready to become your next client.

Steve Brossman Multiple #1 Best Selling Author Sept 2021



Pam Brossman – Pam goes over and beyond. Informative, supportive and inspiring.  She is an Elite Woman helping other Elite Women achieve their book writing goals and I cant wait to to share the book that Pam has help me to get out of my head and onto paper.

I highly recommend working with Pam Brossman if you have the opportunity.  She is a pro!

I want to shout your praises for the incredible work you do for your book writing mentee’s – soon to become best selling authors. Your commitment and dedication is second to none. You are the best. You inspire me to step up my game. 🙂

Brenda Ann Tsiaousis  #1 Best Seller

The Best Seller Influence is a must-do program for any upcoming authors wanting to stand of the crowd. Pam’s advice and guidance is invaluable and she with you every step of the way. There is no other program out there like it or gets even close.

Ivan Radonic #1 Best Seller

Pam’s mentoring is amazing. I joined her Best Seller Influence in January and have been blown away by Pam’s energy, positivity and commitment to us all. Not only is she THE go to expert that can masterfully guide you, step-by-step, to releasing an online book, but she is also a creative genius! She is generous with her ideas and is extremely supportive. It’s been a privilege to witness her in action and create magic for us all. I couldn’t have chosen a better person to work with to get my first book launched!!

Jo Jo Bailey  #1 Best Seller

Have you always wanted to write a book, but was too scared and didn’t know where to start? Me too!!!
Then I came across Pam,s Best Seller Influence program. Wow. Pam is a powerhouse of information, knowledge energy and positivity. Nothing is too much trouble for Pam. Her step by step guide on how and what to write has given me the confidence to follow the dream of writing and finishing my book. Thank you Pam

Zoe Buckley #1 Best Seller

Pam Brossman’s Best Seller Influence program is fantastic. Pam’s passion and expertise in this area has helped me break through my fears, and procrastination of writing my book. Thank you Pam Brossman for all that you have done for me. Every program I’ve ever done with you, I’ve always received more than I ever expected.

Bernadette Giggins  #1 Best Seller

Pam Brossman has demystified the book writing process for me. I love how she creates solutions, and make seemingly daunting tasks, manageable and simple to complete. With her expert knowledge and wealth of experience, she brings a warm and inspiring energy! I have loved being a part of her course, and couldn’t have completed my book without her guidance and support!

Sam Theron  #1 Best Seller

In a world where everyone searches Google for information, certain knowledge still remains vague and can only be imparted by those who have done the hard yards and succeeded.
Pam is a charismatic teacher, generous with her time and talents and genuinely eager to achieve the best outcome for all her students. Her commitment and support has been invaluable. Thanks Pam!

Denise Hart-Christie  #1 Best Seller


This is an amazing bundle that I have created because so many of my Authors wanted to do journals, and so many of my Self Publish Journal’s students wanted to do a Book after their journals. And many wanted to turn their journals and books into courses. So I combined all three courses together to create this amazing Bundle valued at $2222 and launched it at a special offer of only $1111usd.

It includes 12 months access in Pam’s Brand New Success Vault Online Training Portal:

  • Book To Buyers Best Seller Digital Kindle Book Program
  • Self Publish Journals on Amazon Program
  • Course Mapping Blueprint Course
  • 200 Original Quotes to use in your books and journals
  • Plus, access to the LIVE training replays in two separate groups for 12 months
  • Plus, special offers throughout the year to join Pam’s other LIVE training, templates and marketing toolkit.

This is the #1 Best Bundle Pam has on offer this year.

Please read through the FAQ’s below and if your question has not been answered, please feel free to email and we will get back to you in 24hours.

The Book To Buyers Evergreen Do It Yourself Program is for Coaches, Course Creators, Speakers, Previous Authors, Mentors and Knowledge Business owners who want to leverage a book and Amazon to get more

  • Reach
  • Visibility
  • Brand Exposure
  • Traffic
  • Sales
  • Clients
  • Authority for your expertise

Into your knowledge business, products, and services.

This is not for autobiographies or fiction writers.

#1 Best Seller is not guaranteed, however to date I have 100% success rate. As long as you have enough buyers for your book you will be successful with my system. I have over 140 x #1 Best Selling students and 15 x #1 Best Sellers myself.

Plus, you get access to the Private Group for 12 months with all the LIVE Beta Program training videos and other Authors to network with [Pam is not in this group for evergreen, this is just a bonus].

You are welcome to join the program, however this program comes with a 2 year non compete clause which means you cannot teach or share anything that you are taught in this program, in your own self publishing mentoring programs for 2 years.

Unfortunately, too many people were taking my signature systems and selling them in competition with my business. That’s why there is a non compete clause.

There is a 48 hour money back guarantee with this program. Please only purchase if you are committed to your book. Writing a book is an amazing experience, however it is only for those ready now to publish their book using my simple system. You will receive access to the first part of the program immediately. Then after 3 days you will receive access to the second part of the program and your bonuses.

*no bonuses are redeemable for cash at any time.

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