Coaches Marketing & Conversion toolkit

Did you know your digital business card is a landing page and a landing page with a video has a conversion rate of up to 80% higher than one without a video. So grab your digital business card template today!

Melissa Groom Sept 2021

I’ll use it to share on my website and emails. It was easy to create and I’m still learning of how to market. Using this, I feel, is easier and gets the word out – yay!

Judi Scalley Sept 2021

I love the idea of putting a personalised message and sending it to clients. What an amazing way to stand out! Just wanted to let you know that my Click Me Pages are still going strong. I put them in the first comment of all my Linkedin posts, and every week I am getting between 1-2 sales from it. Thank you so much.

Narmie Thambipillay Sept 2021

Digital Business Cards

I know I say this daily, but Click Me Pages has been a miracle for me. 3800 views again on Linkedin and all I did was my the Click Me Pages link in the first comment. And even more exciting I got a paying client from the post. I even got my book back on the Best Seller list this week and over 30k views of my shared post, new prospects from my lead magnet all from Linkedin.

Narmie Thambipillay Aug 2021

Last Saturday I was a guest in a Canadian Business Networking Event. I met a lady  in a breakout room and she said she didn’t know what to ask for and didn’t have clarity around what she was doing.  I offered to help for free with a Prominence and Persuasion review and gave her a link to my Click Me Pages to book a call. 24 hours later she is now my coaching client. Click Me Pages are a Game Changer for my business especially with virtual networking. One click was all it took to get my next client, it works!

Steve Brossman Aug 2021

Pam Brossman for someone who is not great on Canva, I was impressed how easy you made it with the templates and your simple to follow tutorials. Thank you.

Melissa Groom Aug 2021

Hi Pam – I watched the replay and loved everything you said for me. thank you!! You’re so good!

Judi Scalley Aug 2021


Would love to show you some of the things I have created using your templates!! They have fast tracked everything  for me and I can still make them my own and add my own flare to them. I think you have some of the best templates out there. They are so professional and versatile so thanks again for creating them!!! I have seen a lot of other template packages out there being sold, but I would come back to you over and over again because yours truly give me so many options and look so professional!!


Pam Brossman, I prayed for supernatural productivity and I reconnected with you… truly the Queen of Productivity and Visibility hacks. I have purchased ALL your #Canva templates because you have literally saved me hours of work and thousands of dollars in graphic designer expenses. I can now be more responsive and implement my ideas quickly. I love Canva Pam Brossman, your templates incorporate vital Calls To Action and are simply more professional and beautiful than other templates I have purchased from professional graphic designers. Thanks again


Pam Brossman I cannot thank you enough for creating these templates and showing us how to do them! Just made my life so much easier!!! They are absolutely amazing!!


Even The Guys Love The Templates Too… Just a quick thank you for the Instagram Canva templates I purchased and the tutorial you recorded. I have already designed my templates and brand colour palette and posted some great looking content. I have started to use the Scheduler function as well and I love it. My content is so much easier now!! Thank you so much! Cheers!


Your Canva Templates are amazing. I go over 500 views just using one of your layouts.

Debbie Delgado July 2021

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