Create eProducts

Doing a great job Pam. From your advice I closed 100% of my virtual strategy sessions bringing in $20k.

Matt Catling March 2020




DECIDE | Choose Your Topic

  • Who do you want to help?
  • What do they need
  • Market research to find success clues

W1: Who & What to create.


DOCUMENT | Map out your course blueprint

  • Who can you help
  • What do they want
  • Plan your eProduct

W2: Create eProduct blueprint


DELIVERY | Course creation mindmap

  • Choose your mediums
  • Choose your delivery method
  • Engagement extras

W3: Plan & Prepare Your eProduct


DESIGN | Design Brand & Content Templates

  • Create a professional looking brand layout for your eProduct
  • Prepare content ready for production
  • Includes some design templates

W4: Create branded content 


DO! | Create Your Masterpiece

  • Turn your blueprint into bite size training
  • Create your content
  • Create engagement pieces [I have templates for you]

W5: Prepare & Produce EProduct


DONE | Upload your course content ready to sell

  • Choose your delivery platform
  • Upload your content
  • Start marketing to your dream customers



**Important** All participants MUST be computer literate and be able to use Powerpoint & Word or have an assistant to create content. How to use these tools will not be covered in this program.


  • Pre- recorded step-by-step tutorials design, create & set-up ready to sell

  • Checklists, cheat sheets and ‘how to’ throughout our 6 weeks together.

  • My eProducts Success Resource Rolodex & Tools

  • Bonus 1 : How to Create eProducts without being on Camera ‘PPT Video Training’

  • Bonus 2: How To Set-up & Host Your Courses For Free step-by-step tutorials

  • Bonus 3: 4 eBook templates in Microsoft Word plus tutorials on how to edit them

  • Bonus 4: How to Create Your Sales Video To Sell Your Programs

Normally $888




Hi, my name is Pam Brossman and for the last 15 years I have mentored and helped hundreds of professionals turn their knowledge into Expertise Products, Global Personal Brands plus, well over 100 #1 Best Sellers on Amazon.

The world as we know it has changed and there has never been a more exciting time than right now for you to grow your business on a global scale. Does not matter if it is your first eProduct, or you want to take your existing business digital and create a global brand. There are people online waiting for your knowledge, experience, wisdom, skills, even hobbies.

Create eProducts has been designed to get you started with simple low end products that will attract your ideal customers, build know like and trust and eventually create long term valued customers.

In fact, low-end KLT products [Know, Like Trust] digital assets are the most popular right now and with my simple system, tools and templates you can create as many as you like.

In fact, I am growing my own Success Vault too so that I can help as many people as I can globally, finding out what they need and then creating signature programs perfect for my ideal clients…

Whether you are a…

  • Speaker who wants to create digital programs
  • Author who wants to turn your book into online courses
  • Service provider who want to teach people how to provide the same services
  • Teacher, Coach or Mentor who wants to create multiple digital assets to grow your product suite online
  • Someone with a passion or hobby who wants to teach others your skills, gifts and talents
  • Personal development and transformation life coach who wants to make a bigger impact and reach more people globally online

There has never been an easier way for you to reach the masses than right now by Creating eProducts. I have been digital for 15 years and virtual for the last 4 years and I cannot wait to show you how to change lives Impact, Influence and create and Income while growing your online business and having fun at the same time.

Be warned, Creating eProducts is highly addictive. I am up to about 100, I love it and you will too when you see just how easy it is to do.

Ready? Let’s do it together in May. Secure your spot and I’ll see you on the 14th May!


I’m sitting here in my office and I just realised how productive I was whilst doing this program with you.

I updated 3 x Masterclasses with much more professional looking slides

Created an online virtual workshop – presenting this Sunday 5 July !

Created a presentation for my 30 minute speaking gig 2 weeks ago

All great content for my online course  Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Much love

Jo Worthy Multiple Self Published Journals

Absolutely loving your Canva course!! Not only have you made it much more clearer on what and how to use Canva and PowerPoint to get my online business up and going and my courses created and published, but you have covered everything needed to get started! Your easy to follow, step-by-step way of teaching makes it so easy for the beginner to follow along!  You are such a inspiration and blessing and thank you from allowing me to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Michelle Keyes 

The biggest think I love about your course is your ability to push me beyond my comfort zone, and to tell me what I should be doing. To ensure I know my way, and my avatar. Thankyou

Yvonne Cameron 

First thank you so much for all your efforts and support through out the create e product course.

What I like the most about your course is that you are going above and beyond to support and share with us important insights and tips although it is not part of the course curriculum itself. I registered to know how to create e-product But through out the course you opened my eyes to many many important things related to starting my own business and shared the information with generosity not to mention how helpful is the course itself and the amazing bonuses . Many thanks.

Sana Joudeh 

I can’t believe the value Pam, this far outweighs anything that I ever envisaged. You are truly fantastic and an incredibly talented lady. You Rock. I cannot speak highly enough of her, she is one of a kinds and a true legend. I can say with 100% confidence that my workshops will be much more successful after having worked with Pam and I can now see an incredible future hosting virtual workshops.

Linda Nicol

Pam has a wonderful gift of relaying information in the quickest format to get results fast. Using her check lists it was easy to find your topic, build on your topic, understand wants vs needs and an easy and free tool to sell your products.  She provided the pull package with lots of bonus’ too.  I am about to complete my ecourse and be a proud student of a completed course, ready to sell and make money.  Don’t hesitate, sign up and you too can learn how to take what you know and make it into a course you can sell. Many, many thanks. I have really learnt so much.

Megan Harris 

Hi Pam I just had to write and tell you how much I’ve love your Create eProducts course. Pam, again you have gone above and beyond with content, support and dedication for your students! I love all the added bonuses that you have given us.

Kind Regards

Wendy Gadsby 

Not only is the course a great explanation of how to use the platform but Pam has used her creative genius to transform my boring templates into eye catching, jaw dropping designs.

Just wanted to give a Huuge thank you to Pam for allowing me to fast track my course creation with the help of her tools and courses.

Shoma Mittra 

I have to say as a current and past student of Pam Brossman
– Pam ALWAYS over delivers – I have learned so much from her this year – this is coming from a bit of a technophobe – she breaks it down, makes it clear and then finally you say ‘ah I get it now’…I am not writing this for the sake of it but in all honesty.

Carol Ann 

Pam your Create Virtual Workshop rocked! It was a course where you massively over delivered. I mean guys she was in the group several times a day helping people out. She went over and beyond! If you want results that will massively blow your mind and a mentor who genuinely has your back every step of the way. Jump onto this course. You don’t need to have anything figured out she will help you! You were amazing as always Pam- thanks so much x

Narmie Thambipillay

I am just watching your PPT course to help finish off the course I am working on now! Love your courses

Kylie M 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is probably my most frequently asked question. I totally understand you are busy running your business. The pre-recorded training can be done in your own time.  One our virtual in our private group Tuesday 8-9am and  Thursday 8-9am Sydney time.

First live virtual training in our private secure FB Group is Tuesday 14th May 8am-9am and again Thursday same time Sydney. Please do the conversion. I will have an event set up in the private group for you to do the conversion in your time zone.

This course does have some tutorials included e.g. how to upload your modules to our preferred 3rd party course host. Plus, bonus how to create powerpoint videos.

To participate in the Create eProducts program you must be:

  • Computer literate’
  • Understand how to use Powerpoint and Microsoft Word [or the equivalent], have a team member or VA that can do it for you, or be happy to outsource it as required.
  • Tutorials on how to set-up your course on the 3rd party platform will also be included
  • Tutorials on how to do it on your own website will not be included as there are too many different back-end systems.

That’s okay all the replays are in the group so you can come back and watch at any time and ask your questions in the group and I will be there over the 6 weeks to help you.

48 Hour Money Back Guarantee for all my programs. I only want committed people who are ready to learn and take action and get momentum in their business. If you are looking for a ‘Plan B’, this program is  not for you.

If you do the PAY IN FULL and have the Pay In Full Bonuses you will get those after week three

If you are doing the payment plan your bonuses will delivered after your final payment.

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