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It is such an exciting time to be a coach, mentor and change maker right now and I can’t wait to show you how to turn your knowledge, passion and expertise into a global personal brand impacting the masses using virtual workshops. The world’s become more connected than ever with the growth of communication and technology. In mere seconds you can be sharing your skills, knowledge and passions with the world and I can’t wait to show you how to do it in 4 simple steps.

Self education is a billion dollar industry. I want to show you how to catapult your Reach, Results Revenue and ROI using virtual workshops so you too can ride the knowledge industry wave all the way to the top!

Who Is Perfect For Create Virtual Workshop Live Mentoring?


  • Those going through the KBB Program who want to launch their first Virtual Mastermind Online in the next 30-60 days;
  • People who are action takers and ready to play full out, show up and implement the most leveraged and profitable coaching model online right now in 2020
  • Knowledge brokers, coaches, speakers, authors and professionals who want a simple and easy way to share their knowledge globally;
  • People running live face to face events, who want a more cost effective leveraged model to scale their business and net profits;
  • Those looking for a lifestyle business model that works for their family and/or destination free lifestyle choices;
  • Change makers looking for a way to share their message, super powers, zone of genius and who want the most cost effective way to get started.
  • Coaches, Mentors, Speakers, Authors, Knowledge Professionals or those wanting to share their message globally and are ready to learn the exact strategy that made me 6 figures in less than 6 months… this is for you.

This is not a get rich quick program… I have worked really hard for my success. So if you’re not prepared to do the work… then this is definitely not for you. If you want to learn what is working right now in 2020, and are ready to learn, implement and take action. Then I would love to show you how to use my simple 4 Step Create Virtual Workshop System with almost zero expenses…

If This Sounds Exiting to You… Opt-in & I Will Email You With More Details.

Pam Brossman so grateful you put this workshop together! You have gone above and beyond with your time, energy and effort.

I needed this workshop to take me from all the fabulous education I learned in KBB, to an actual easy-to-follow implementation of creating a virtual workshop. Thank you, thank you!

You are just what I needed Pam. Worth every penny and then some.

Jennifer Weallans

Thank you! The progress I have achieved in 4 weeks is unbelievable! You are the best!???

Tula O’Neal

Oh my goodness, Pam! All of your trainings are off-the-chart EXCELLENT! This one went beyond off-the-charts for me. I messed up the time for when you were going live so I’ve spent the last 2 days taking meticulous notes from this video because there were SOOOOO many gems…so very many. WOW! (I stopped last night in time to bring in the New Year! ???)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you amazing human being!!!

Mary Wilmer 2/1/20

Pam, thank you for your amazing create virtual workshop course, your over-delivery in every aspect. I have always believed in personal growth by surrounding myself with people who know more than me. This is what I look for in my clients as well who are such a joy to work with. I have closed 10K within the last week alone. All I have to say is, thank you for being my mentor and anybody who is still on the fence of joining to be mentored by Pam, her next create virtual workshop is just around the corner. Do not miss it! ??

Daniel Kessler

AMEN Mary Wilmer – agree 1000 gazillion% Pam is THE BEST. She is constantly supporting, mentoring and teaching so beautifully- and that’s before she adds UNTOLD value and surprises Anyone considering joining Pam Brossman for the next Create Virtual Workshops – I say don’t walk to Pam, RUN! It’s been amazing 4 weeks and I feel like we have all had HUGE wins. It’s such an incredible combination KBB and Pam’s Create Virtual Workshops 🙂

Susie Cameron

Pam Brossman, you truly are a great mentor! You have already reached out to me on more than one occasion. You have asked me about my topic, and have then once I told you about my topic, then you have asked me about my target audience, and you even suggested groups of people that I should consider for my target audience. Thank you!

Craig Campbell 

Pam!! you are phenomenal and i will miss you!!! My big wins this week were implementing everything you taught me throughout the last month. My Facebook fan page is set up, event scheduled, banner made and almost complete with the workshop content!! ?

Marie Blough Arlen

I am so happy to be a part of this group. I feel like I’ve learned a lot already. I’m, ready to take action! Yes, I was one of the lucky ones to have Pam Brossman mentor me through the creating virtual workshops process. She’s so positive and giving. She not only taught us how to create a virtual workshop through the videos; she modeled it by being a great mentor and workshop instructor. My first KBB- and Pam-inspired workshop will be launching in just under a month. And I know I can do it, thanks to Dean, Tony, and Pam!

Jamie Brydon-Jack

Pam Brossman you are amazingly supportive. Pam delivers on her promises and goes above and beyond to make sure we get great value from her program. So happy I joined!

Anna Oliveira 

The create virtual workshops with you Pam has been fantastic! You helped me clarify my big idea, learn how to do market research, set up my first FB group that has over 200 members of my target market in there, and helped me to learn all the awesome ways to launch and run my first virtual workshop while doing it with minimal to no cost! I’m looking forward to the next two weeks with you for camera confidence. You have over delivered with this create virtual workshops course and it’s been a blessing to work with you! Thanks so much!

Brandy Swancey Clemons

Pam Brossman is an awesome teacher of getting your content online for virtual programs.

She compliments all the KBB tools and instructions. She has simplified the process to make it easier to launch for those that need a little hand-holding.

Thank you Pam Brossman.

Tara Menard

Pam Brossman thank you for the exceptional training you gave in Create Virtual Workshops and Camera Confidence! I loved all the personal attention that you gave on personal branding for websites, social media and promoting ourselves! You pushed in all the right places to get us to do what we needed to do to get out there and get started!! Your advice for budgeting and follow-through was so valuable. But the most impressive thing for me is that you got me to do video’s and to post them. WOW, I couldn’t have done it without you!! I can”t wait to join you and the new group in the September course! Thanks again Pam Brossman you are fabulous!!!! You gave me the space to find my courage and then to push forward! Can;t wait for September ? ?

Wendy Gadsby

Hey guys Pam Brossman’s training is incredible.

The shift in my branding is next to none.

Holey Moley, I love this woman. She keeps it real, but a the same time offers way beyond her promise. Amazing bonuses, tips, tricks and gold nuggets.

Get in and do this training, seriously amazing. I did the virtual workshop and now I am into the final week of camera confidence.

I can’t wait to do the next lot of training in Septembers [Yes VIP’s get to do it again]. I’m keeping this mentor!

Leisa Timms

Sharon Thomas So excited to be starting my Realize Your Goals Mastermind. I have been building my A Gentle Help Facebook group.

It’s now at 1,500. I have learned so much from KBB and Create Virtual Workshop. Thanks to both of you!

Sharon Thomas

So glad I am in Pams “Create Virtual Workshop” !! Pam is incredible and we are all getting stacks of gold as we niche our target avatar and get ready for week 2…… Pam is an expert and thrilled to be in her 1st launch. If you are struggling with ideas…. check out Pam’s course…… we get so much support as to ideas for our workshop and she has an action policy so we are doing constantly and will be all set to launch at the end of week 4 ❤️  I can tell you we are getting incredible mentoring , help on our topics ……. hand holding …. this woman knows her stuff and is all about ACTION…. perfect for those that are letting fear hold them back. 

Thank you Pam …. you have taken the overwhelm away …..success leaves clues is one of Pam’s favourite sayings and it is so true when you know where to look and understand the strategy of marketing…… We are ending week 1 and so excited to launch after 4 weeks.

Robyn Jordan

Pam Brossman you are amazing! Inspire me to be strong , less shy and less sensitive . I am taking action now on social media and excited about lauching my workshop soon .

Thank you for create virtual workshop.

Thank you for all the bonuses.
Very excited for your wins congratulations ?

Shashi Ghodake

Pam, your attention to detail, including monitoring how our Create Virtual Workshop group is doing all day long and responding a.s.a.p., is stellar! Your standards are so high…it shows and I’m grateful for it.

If you ever get a chance to take a course with KBB member, Pam Brossman, jump on that opportunity. That’s what I did and it’s been amazing and a life saver for me. I’ve been really stuck on wanting to do virtual workshops but wondering how the heck to do them. Pam saw the need with a number of us in KBB and put together a beta course that I luckily saw. It’s becoming a game changer for me. She’s the real deal trainer/teacher/knowledge broker. She knows her stuff and is great at relaying it and offering up a mixture of knowledge, support, information, and a ton of tough love. Thank you sooooo much, Pam! —  feeling grateful.

Mary Wilmer 

I can’t believe the value Pam, this far outweighs anything that I ever envisaged. You are truly fantastic and an incredibly talented lady. You Rock. When Pam releases her next round of Create Virtual Workshops, Jump On The Chance. ?? I have never experienced anything like Pam’s training, and I’ve had a few mentors in my time. Pam is so dedicated it is unbelievable. Her wealth of knowledge is outstanding. You would be mad to miss out. It is the best thing I have ever done. I cannot speak highly enough of her, she is one of a kinds and a true legend.

I can say with 100% confidence that my workshops will be much more successful after having worked with Pam and I can now see an incredible future hosting virtual workshops. When the second course is released JUMP ON THE OPPORTUNITY do not hesitate and miss out. Don’t be left sitting on the side lines saying”what if”.

Linda Nicol

Pam your Create Virtual Workshop rocked! It was a course where you massively over delivered. I mean guys she was in the group several times a day helping people out. She went over and beyond! If you want results that will massively blow your mind and a mentor who genuinely has your back every step of the way. Jump onto this course. You don’t need to have anything figured out she will help you! You were amazing as always Pam- thanks so much x

Narmie Thambipillay

Pam, as many have already stated, you are such a fantastic role model for those of us who are new to the virtual world and entrepreneurship. The many, many resources, tips and strategies that you provided in Create Virtual Workshops made it less overwhelming. You responded to every question that was asked and always provided candid feedback for us to learn and grow. It’s incredible how much you over delivered! I’m truly looking forward to continuing my journey with you as I plan out and execute my “side hustle”. For those who are considering signing up for any of Pam’s workshops, please do not hesitate. The investment that you make is definitely well worth it!!!

Joyce Lum

I Can Planner

There are some mentors that you’re destined to meet… For me…Pam Brossman was one of the them…Unknowingly, at the time…My book was a bit of a disaster… I hired the wrong people at the wrong time…But luckily…Not only did Pam help me rewrite From Anxiety to Ironman… She also made me see the book was bigger than my own story…At a deeper level… It was about impacting other people…To help inspire and motivate them…To do and be more.

Ivan Radonic #1 Best Selling Author



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