Your courses are THE BEST out there….. I’m serious!

You ALWAYS go above and beyond- doing research and homework for us every time, giving everyone guidance….NO ONE does that!!!!!

Oh- not to mention your honesty!!! You’re the best Pam ! Thank you!!!! EVERYONE should do your courses! They are transformational!

Katrina Kavvalos 

We have 2  Digitally Confident Mastermind Options


6 Week Digitally Confident Online Mastermind

  • Weekly pre- recorded step-by-step training and action steps to boost your confidence ready to communicate, connect and convert online.

  • Practical Activities : Yes you are going to be doing ‘lots of doing’. Including private practice group for you to do your videos until you are ready to unleash your brilliance on the world.

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Pam Brossman in our private FB Accountability Group.

  • Spontaneous mentoring from Pam throughout the 6 weeks in the Private Forum to help you thrive and implement what you’re learning.

  • Checklists, cheat sheets and tips to teach you the ‘how’ throughout our 6 weeks together.

  • Bonus 1: Over 250 Music Tracks– To Use In Your Videos Value $147

  • Bonus 2: Thinkific Made Easy. Learn how to host your courses online for FREE step-by-step Value $333

  • Bonus 3: My Resource Rolodex all the tools I use to succeed online.


6 Week Digitally Confident Plus Bonuses

  • Everything in 6 Week Digitally Confident Mastermind including:

    • Thinkific Made Easy
    • Over 250 Music Tracks to use in your videos
    • My Resource Rolodex
  • Bonus 1: Expertise Products – Turn Your Expertise Into Signature Programs To Sell Online Value $1497

  • Bonus 2: Masterclass Launch Formula – How I Turned $1500 program into $90k Campaign Value $333

  • Bonus 3: Self Publishing Secrets– Transcribe Your Videos into A Book On Amazon – Value $197

  • Total Value $2639 Launch Special Only $999

Value $968 | Today Only $555 USD

Payment Plan

2 x Mthly Payments $333 USD
Total $2995 Today Only $1333 USD

Payment Plan

3 x Mthly Payments $488 USD
I Can Planner

There are some mentors that you’re destined to meet… For me…Pam Brossman was one of the them…Unknowingly, at the time…My book was a bit of a disaster… I hired the wrong people at the wrong time…But luckily…Not only did Pam help me rewrite From Anxiety to Ironman… She also made me see the book was bigger than my own story…At a deeper level… It was about impacting other people…To help inspire and motivate them…To do and be more.

Ivan Radonic #1 Best Selling Author


Private Access To Mentoring Group: As soon as you register you will be added to the Private FB Group where all the Digitally confident Training will take place. Our six weeks together will be fun, hands-on, lots of practical ‘doing’, yes I will make you stretch and grow from the inside out!

Confidence | Tools and Topics will be covered in week one.

  • Overcome any fears, experimenting and finding your favourite medium
  • How to relax and be professional without being perfect
  • Practical exercises each week to master presenting on camera

Clarity | In week 2 you’ll uncover who your exact target market is, and what solutions you’ll be sharing?

  • Who do you want to help?
  • What can you share that will get them a quick win?
  • Which medium is the best one to use to get the biggest impact and create the best experience?

Connection | In week 3 we play with the different mediums to see which you love the best.

  • Practise pre-recorded videos perfect for marketing, demonstrating, teaching and productising
  • Practise Live Stream to engage, empower, educate and elevate your positioning for your area of expertise
  • Practise interviews and hosting other people

CTA’s | In week 4 we’ll be scripting and practising ‘calls to actions’

  • I will give you scripts to model and practice live and pre-recorded
  • Professional positioning intros
  • Call to actions and where to use them, plus other tips and tricks to get people to take the next step with you.

Conversions | In week 5 you’ll different strategies to turn lookers into buyers

  • Live stream selling ideas
  • Pre-recorded video conversion strategies to test and implement
  • Plus, how to leverage audio and Kindle books for those using those mediums too.

Collaboration | In week 6 is all about helping each other as a community

  • Strategies for helping each other get more reach
  • Strategies for positioning and introducing each other to your audiences
  • Plus, how to connect and engage influencers  and introduce them to your growing following [positioning by association]

Digitally Confident Playground| Bonus Private Training Area!

Private FB Group to support, network, practice and become Digitally Confident in a safe, fun and secure environment for our mastermind group members only to boost your confidence.

Six Weeks Hands-on Mentoring| I have been using and mentoring Video Mastery & Digital Leverage for over 10 years. You are in safe hands!

Weekly pre-recorded training and mentoring with Pam Brossman every Monday, plus live Q&A’s every Tuesday 9.30am Sydney time, plus spontaneous training throughout the whole 6 weeks.

I want you to succeed, so I will be there with you every step of the way!

I’ve just been listening back to the recording of my last mentoring session with Pam Brossman. I have valued greatly the 4 sessions I have had with Pam. They have focused me and given real direction to my work. I am one of those people who have hundreds of ideas for what I want to do, but I don’t always know how to implement them. Pam walks me through the development of my ideas and thoughts, helps me clarify them and turn them into programs that will develop and enhance the leadership skills of my clients. I have always seen a mentor as someone who walks the road with you, sharing her experience and expertise so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel at every turn in our own business or career. Pam has been that kind of mentor to me.

Maree Harris, May 2016, People Empowered
pam brossman

Pam is the most amazing mentor who over delivers and genuinely cares about your success and is lots of fun too! I have been learning from Pam for 7 years.

Melissa Groom Empowered Mums

I’ve done a couple of Livestreams and I was gobsmacked that within about an hour we had 100+ views and now a few days later it’s up to 483 views – it was fun keep checking in on comments and responding.

Suzanne Love, Brizanne Jewellery

Pam your vivacious energy, your brilliant knowledge, your kindness, passion, energy and truth shines through and I feel sad that I won’t have that everyday. Thank for everything Pam xxx

Janette Maree

face2face now has 21 staff, I think when I was working with you both we had about 8.  We have gone from 5m in revenue to 20m in revenue and this year will bring in my best year ever for profit.

Kate Prior 2019

Are You Ready To Connect, Communicate, Create and Convert on a Global Stage and Become Digitally Confident Online? Perfect You’re In The Right Place…

Hi, my name is Pam Brossman, 13 times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker and Digitally Confident Mentor, and for the last 10 years I have educated, empowered and elevated hundreds of people on how to turn their expertise into a global business and brand online including:

Expertise Publishing : Turning your expertise into a Best Seller Positioning book on Amazon and using it to elevate your expertise and income globally. To date I mentored over 100 Best Sellers including 13 x #1 Best Sellers myself and about to launch #14.

Expertise Assets : Leveraging your knowledge and expertise by designing digital products and signature programs to create multiple income streams working for you and your business 24/7.

Digital Media Mastery: Teaching business owners and personal brands how to use video, and more recently live media to connect, communicate and convert directly to your target market globally online.

In fact, there has never, ever, ever been a more exciting time to be a business owner in history, than right now. The online world is in LOVE with digital connection. The faster you embrace it and become digitally confident, the easier it will be for you to ride the wave up and succeed in your business while having fun at the same time.

The big question is… are you sitting on the fence or, capitalising on this amazing opportunity?

What I’ve noticed is there’s a huge resistance for women to jump on board this amazing digital revolution…

  • Confidence to step up and use these new digital mediums available to inspire, impact and influence your ideal clients globally;
  • Clarity on the best way to leverage these mediums to become a centre of influence in your industry and drive highly targeted and empowered viewers into your business opportunities;
  • Courage to step outside your comfort zone and creatively connect, engage, and empower using this brand new medium taking the world by storm.

Here’s the thing ladies, and this is not fear based marketing hype, it’s exciting innovation and technology advancement.

Digital and visual marketing, engagement, education and promotion is only going to get bigger. So not embracing it, is no longer an option, if you seriously want to remain profitable going forward.

Remember all the brick and mortar businesses that sat on the sidelines when all the ecommerce stores started popping up online saying their local customers would never shop or buy electronics, clothes and/or food online? Guess whose hurting now and trying to play catch up? Bricks and mortar businesses!

This is exactly the same. The good news is, this time you are at the beginning of the wave and have the opportunity to grow with the technology, media and social platforms, if you are smart enough to embrace it early.

Here’s some of the exciting things happening right now you can participate in…

  • Linkedin now has desktop and mobile video upload and have their eye on live stream very soon. Playing a little catch up from the other platforms, but if your target market hangs out on Linkedin, there’s a huge opportunity to stand out and become a magnetic digitally confident influencer in your industry,while everyone else sits on the sidelines missing out on the momentum.
  • Facebook live stream functionality is changing rapidly and creating new micro influencers every day with new advertising opportunity. Facebook is in love with video. So if you want to remain competitive you MUST become digitally confident now. News on the streets says that video is going to be medium of choice on this platform, so becoming digital media presenter savvy will allow you to really ride the growth of this platform and attract more of your ideal customers into your business.
  • Instagram, owned by Facebook, is launching new interactive communication tools weekly, giving entrepreneurs and small business owners amazing ways to interact and engage with their customers like never before seen in history. This year alone they have launched many new video features that are now being carried over into our Facebook streams.  Another great opportunity if that is where your target market hang out.
  • Expertise Assets, this is the biggest growth opportunity with becoming a confident digital presenter. Turning your expertise into multiple digital products and assets, positioning your authority in your industry and bringing in multiple income streams for your business.You Everywhere = Leveraged Profits!

I want you to be able to embrace and ride this amazing opportunity all the way to the top!

Look ladies I am not exaggerating  here. You have two choices…

  1. You can do what most women are doing right now, which is watching, liking, commenting and wishing they had the confidence and courage to stop sitting on the sidelines. Or.. You can stretch outside your comfort zone like the smart, intelligent woman I know you are and…
  2. You can come and hang out with me for six weeks, learn to love it, embrace it, leverage it. Become a digitally confident presenter and use these amazing mediums to educate, empower, engage and elevate your existing audience, while attracting more of your ideal clients at the same time.

The choice is yours!

Are you going to stay in the cocoon of mediocrity and sameness? Or, are you going to step-up and embrace this amazing opportunity to  lead, inspire, impact and influence with your expertise using a new medium that will allow you to change the lives of thousands globally?

It is time for you to streeeeetch and do another ‘success spurt’ in your business.

Let me help you boost your confidence, clarity and connection, communication and conversions in our 6 Week Online Digitally Confident Step-by-Step Mastermind in July 2019.

Here’s the good news and the reason I launched the Digitally Confident Program…

Leveraging this new digital media opportunity is not hard. It just means stepping a little bit outside your comfort zone and boosting your confidence using a brand new way to communicate.

Listen, I have been where you are. Some of you are hugely successful and comfortable presenting face to face. But when it comes to speaking through the eye of a lens, mobile phone or shock horror …. live to a digital audience, you freeze, get nervous, forget your words and don’t want to come across as being unprofessional….so you keep putting it off.  You know you really need to be out there digitally connecting, reaching and helping more people, but fear of looking dumb or unprofessional on camera is holding you back.

That’s why I have made it 6 weeks of practical ‘doing’. By the time I am finished with you, you will be addicted to the camera. I am serious, once you overcome your confidence issues, and realise just how much fun it is to help  more people, [because that is what you are doing when you go digital, reaching thousands of people around the world], you will kick yourself for not starting sooner!

As for making mistake live? Don’t worry about it, that’s what people love the most….

Trust me, I have had each and every one of those sticking points above happen to me, and I still made money, kept my elite personal brand and no one ran away. In fact, it probably made  me more human and attractive to my followers. No one wants perfect, they just want to know you care and want to help them.

I know, it is not natural to speak directly to a camera and it takes a bit of getting used to. You should have seen me before I got started. I was like a deer in headlights. Absolutely shocking! As for listening to my nasally, droning voice on video….there was no way ANYONE in public was going to see that video.

But, I knew that it was the way of the future, and if I wanted to succeed in business, I had to get over myself, stretch outside my comfort zone and practice till I mastered it. And so can you!

Becoming Digitally Confident is a skill that can be taught and I would love to help you reach more people, create an successful global brand all and grow your business using this amazingly fun technology.

That’s where the 6 Week Digitally Confident Online Mastermind can help you…

Over six weeks I am going to spend time with you to:

  • Find out your biggest fears or sticking points whether it be confidence, fear of technology or not knowing what to say, I’ve got you covered!
  • Discover the best influencer topic to attract your ideal clients, and give you tips and personal brand advice to make you look immediately like a pro!
  • Share the easiest [I don’t do hard], tools to get you looking like a confident presenter online in no time using your existing iphone, ipad or desktop;
  • Create a safe practice FB Group for us all to hang out, where you can laugh, um, ah, giggle, test, stuff up, experiment, support and encourage each other in complete privacy, while I turn you from novice to digital presenter prowess;
  • Help you craft your positioning intros, signature topics and engagement communications ready to rock it like a digital diva on camera;
  • Master Linkedin pre-recorded video marketing so you can ride this new video wave where the ‘buyer market’ hang out.
  • Discover the power of ‘Digital Leverage’ including calls to actions and how to become a Google Godess e.g.  ‘you everywhere’
  • Plus, lots of cheat sheets, mentoring, guidance, support, empowerment and fun along the way.
  • All you need is the right attitude, a mobile phone [or tablet], and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone and have a go! I have got the rest covered.

So fab finally meeting my self publishing mentor in person who helped coach me to become an author and get my book to completion with her incredible Best Selling Author program!

Thank you Pam Brossman I couldn’t have got this book to where it is without your incredible wealth of knowledge, ongoing support and easy to follow teaching methods on how to be a self published author.

Catherine Sissons April 2017