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Do I Need Professional Photos?

It Depends…

Some people online, who are not interested in creating an elite personal brand will say no!

This is my opinion…

 Do You Want An Elite Personal Brand?

Firstly you have to ask yourself this question. Not everyone wants to be a Thought-leader, Personal Brand, Celebrity or Influencer in their industry, or be a part of the 1% club and that is totally fine.

Having said that, in this day and age of ‘selfies’, digital media marketing, social media and creating a strong tribe or following of fans, having photos for your day to day marketing is a must.

There are may ways to stand out as an elite personal brand, and it does not mean you have to be a fashion icon, you just have to create something that is unique to you, and be consistent with that uniqueness in your marketing message and photography to get easy recognition in your industry and with your ideal target market.

Here are some ways to create uniqueness in your brand photography for your personal brand:

  • Colours : You can wear your favourite colour that matches your logo, website, or business branding [Steve and I have done this very successfully]
  • Hats or Clothing :  This is another very popular way to create a brand by wearing signature hats or t-shirts in all your videos and photos
  • Slogans ‘You Terms’: Creating your own language or sayings that you use all the time on stage, in your videos, on your clothing and website is another way to create a brand. Like I say ‘success spurts’, which is a word that I made up and use all the time. Or at the end of all my videos I say “Be Elite, Exceed Expectations. The more repetitive your slogan, the more people will associate that with you and your brand.
  • Imagery: If you have a unique style of doing photos or a certain location like a studio. That repetitive background or location in your photos will also become unique to you and your personal brand.

Be creative and watch how other elite personal brands and influencers are creating uniqueness in their branding online and it may just trigger some ideas for you and your brand.

As a woman, I believe that you will really benefit from having a portfolio of professional photographs to use in your day to day marketing and that it is definitely a good investment in your business and your personal brand.

Here are just a few of the ways I use my professional images:

  • Book Covers
  • Podcast Covers
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Blogposts
  • Publicity and FREE PR
  • Business cards
  • Signature programs including ebooks, checklists, lead magnets, video programs etc
  • Social media banners
  • Social media quotes
  • Email Signatures
  • Pretty much ME everywhere, I like to call it the ‘You Factor’!

If you are thinking about coming out from behind your business and becoming the elite personal brand for your message, programs and services to uplevel your results and reach, contact to see how we can help you create your own Elite Woman Brand starting today!

Have an amazing day …Elite Woman!

See You Next Week!
Pam Brossman
Pam Brossman

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