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Are you leveraging FB live stream in your business?

I can almost 100% guarantee that 95% of you reading this post would say a resounding no.

Why not?

Is it because…

  • it’s too hard?
  • you’re camera shy?
  • you don’t know what to talk about?
  • you are afraid no one will show up?
  • you don’t like watching them?

What’s your excuse for not using it in your business?

Here’s the thing I want you to ‘GET’.

By NOT using live stream, you are putting yourself in the 95% club. The people who answered yes, to all those bullet points above.

Is that how to run an elite business?

Is that being different?

Is that being a leader, trendsetter or someone who embraces change?


Elite people Exceed Expectations and that means:

  • Trying new things
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Doing what other people are not prepared to have a go at
  • Not making excuses as to why it won’t work for your industry, business product…because that is a load of crock!
  • And for those of you who have a fear of the camera, well guess what? They now have FB Live Audio. You don’t even have to get in front of the camera, how awesome is that!

Want some ideas on how to use it to grow your business?

Here’s just some of the ways my 30 Day Live Stream Leverage students are using it…

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Product reviews for affiliated products
  • Interviews with leaders in their industry [exposure and positioning by association]
  • Paid 30 day challenges [that was my innovative idea that to date has earned me over $40k…hmm not a bad idea]
  • Live training! Yes, live streaming has come a long way in the last 12 months. These days you can do talk shows, screen sharing [no more paying $500 per month for webinar software, now you can do it for free].
  • I even saw the other day someone demonstrating products, and underneath the live stream was a shopify store where people could go and buy [with a special coupon discount], live, what they were being shown in the video.  So cool.
  • One of my students, who is a mortgage broker is just answering questions every week. He does Mondays and his assistant does Wednesday. He is picking up a client a week from his live streams. When he met me, he was petrified of the camera. Now he is nailing it!

It’s time to Uplevel and become the Elite Woman in your industry

Here is my challenge to you. In the next 7 days I want you to give at least 2-3 of these live streams a go on your personal page. If you have not done it before, practice filming on your phone before going live. Or get a business colleague and do it together like an interview first.  Here is what I want you to give a try….

  • Share one 3-5 minute tip, strategy or motivational live stream post on your personal profile. Don’t worry if no one shows up, you will be amazed at how many people watch the replay.
  • If you are an author, share a paragraph from your book, that will move the needle for someone, and then do a CTA [call to action] where they can go and get your book.
  • Try a Q&A session on a particular topic. You know you get asked questions every day in your business. Write down the 3 questions you get asked the most every day and answer them in your live video.
  • Get someone you know, one of your clients and use it as an opportunity for them to share their story of working with you, and the results they got, as a live testimonial.
  • Just give it a try. You don’t have to do it every day. Once a week is fine.

Here’s the thing…Social media is going LIVE. The longer you avoid it, the longer it is going to take for you to become an elite leader in your industry.

Stacey who is an IP lawyer is nailing it by sharing things that people are doing wrong or assuming is okay, with their trademarks.  She is building up know, like and trust in her Facebook community, and giving people the opportunity to work with her.

I use it to promote my 30 Day Programs, educate people on their positioning, personal branding, product suites publishing and packaging and give people an opportunity to read my books, join one of my programs or work one on one with me.

Give it a try. If you are camera shy, give the FB Live Audio a go. To be an Elite Woman you need to be EVERYWHERE! I call it the You Factor.

You want to be where people can share your wisdom, knowledge, expertise and opinions with others. People are not hanging out on blogs these days, or in email inboxes. They are hanging out on social media. Even the TV Channels are struggling to keep afloat.

As Steve Brossman says in his book “Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside”.

Elite people | make it happen!

My two favourite Live Streaming platforms are

  1. Directly to FB Live from desktop, phone or ipad
  2. BeLive.tv which now has a Pro version that includes, talk shows, branding, lower thirds, images and screenshare

If you would like me to run another 30 Day Live Stream challenge, leave a ‘yes please’ in the comments below. If I get enough women to step up and start using live stream, then I will teach you how to monetise it for your business.

Pam Brossman
Pam Brossman

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