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Upselling changed  my business!

As most of you know, I have been in business as an entrepreneur in some shape or form for the last 10 years. Started out making personalised journals including an amazing journal called ‘Your Journey’ for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Then moved onto selling on eBay including clothes and million dollar notes! That was a surprise game changer for me and was the beginning of my understanding of shopping carts and upselling in packages. But that is another story in itself.

It was a crazy time. I could buy the notes for $0.48 cents each and people would pay anything from $3 to $17 per note. It was madness. But taught me a lot about the importance of copy, selling on third party platforms, reviews, refunds, customer service and standing out amongst the copycat crowd.

But like everything online, lots of people cottoned on, the market became flooded, so I moved onto bigger and better things.

It was not until I started learning about the power of using upsells and downsells in your information product sales funnel, that I truly understood how much money people were leaving on the table by not having this system in their online business.

I mean, we all know the McDonalds ‘would you like fries with that’ scenario where most of the online marketers got the idea from. But actually putting it into practice, with your own product offerings, was rarely seen or done outside of the internet marketing world.

And I know why!

Creating the platform to actually preform all these functions was a pain in the butt.

At least that was the reason I held off doing it for so long. Yes, I was the same as you, sitting on the sidelines watching all the marketers make bucket loads of money, purely because the whole thought of setting up these funnels…gave me a migraine.

Then I met Josh and fell in love…

It is okay, Steve Brossman fell in love with Josh too, so we are all good 🙂

Josh has been a godsend in my entrepreneurial life for a very long time. A man who lived in the expert online internet marketing world, but understood that 95% percent of the rest of the business world were struggling. A man who saw a gap in the market and decided to do something about it.

Intelligent, smart pommy-kiwi who decided to make online internet marketing ‘easy’ for non techie entrepreneurs like you and me.

He started out making programs to help people implement video marketing into their business with EVS. A platform that helps you manage all your videos and provide professional looking video products for your business.  I have been using EVS to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business with this one platform alone.

Then he saw podcasting taking off and once again saw the business community struggling to implement this new medium into their business marketing. So he created Audello. A simple distribution platform for hosting your podcast and distributing to itunes that non techie’s like me could start sharing their expertise with.

I used this platform to launch my very first podcast and I have been using it ever since.

But then came the Armageddon of online marketing platforms. The one I had been waiting for since starting my business 10 years ago. A simple and seamless way to create product funnels that included… upsells, downsells, coupons, affiliate marketing programs and so much more, that I could use in my product suite online and offline. He called it ThriveCart and I was in love!

I could not wait to use it

As soon as Josh launched the beta program I jumped on board. Having purchased all of his platforms before, I knew the quality of his products and exceptional customer service support. So getting access early was a no brainer.

I tried ThriveCart immediately with my first 30 Day Challenge to see how I could capitalise on this for growing my profits through highly leveraged funnels. This is what happened…

$0 – $20k in 30 Days

  • I decided to run a 90% off campaign for my Self Publishing Program with a 30 Day Challenge.
  • I got a 100 people to register for that offer.
  • I had a one off upsell to get my Best Seller Book Launch at 50% off.
  • I ran a competition for people to promote the 30 Day Challenge to win prizes, bringing more people.
  • For those who did not buy the upsell in the funnel, I upsold again throughout the 30 Days with a simple link directly to the shopping cart.
  • Then at the end of the 30 Days, people asked if they could keep going. So I created another 30 Day Extension at the same price and 50 people took that offer.
  • Then in that second extension group, I offered a Best Seller 1on1 call with me at 50% off using the cart shopping links.
  • Back then it was only new, now the add-ons are even better! The funny thing is, I was just mucking around testing out the platform to see if it would work for my business. How cool is that?

The most exciting part was it took me about 15 mins to set it up.  Once Steve saw the results I was getting with the cart, that hooked up easily to my paypal account and also my aweber account for follow-up emails.  He cancelled his infusionsoft account and started using Thrivecart.

Now both Steve and I run our whole business using ThriveCart and we love it.

Chance of a lifetime – ends July 2017

It has been over 12 months since I first upgraded my business to using upsell funnels and it has changed the way I build out all of my marketing funnels in my business. Instead of thinking one dimension and selling one product at a time, I now think in complete ascension models, because I have the simple platform to implement it into my business packages and programs.

Josh is now ready to launch his amazing shopping cart to the masses and it is going to be a monthly fee.

BUT, for a very limited time, he has given a few loyal friends like me, a special coupon link to get you LIFETIME ACCESS,  for only $595 USD.

I made that money back with just 2 sales. It was a bargain.

But it expires in about 4 weeks. So if you are ready to up-level your marketing, including events, products, knowledge, masterminds, challenges, services … whatever it is you sell both online and off. And if you want it to be seamless and easy with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee [Josh stands behind all his products, and ALWAYS delivers quality and 200% customer service]….then

Don’t miss out and grab the LIFETIME Access by clicking here.

If it expires in the next couple of weeks, don’t come and ask me if I can get it for you as Josh has been very strict. Once it is gone it is gone forever.

Take a look at the images below to see how awesome this upsell cart can be for doubling and tripling the sales in your business.

Oh and by the way, don’t try and find this offer on the website, it is not live to the public. Only those who have a special link like the one here can offer you this LIFETIME ACCESS till it expires.

Watch Video To See How Easy It Is

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Pam Brossman
Pam Brossman

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