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Is Your Digital Phobia Stunting Your Business Growth?

We all start somewhere…even me!

As you can see in the video, when I first got started using videos over 8 years ago I sucked.
In fact, I could not think of anything worse, than having to share my face anywhere!

How Can You Stand Out In Saturated Markets

Steve Brossman was the ex Channel 9 TV Host and Presenter, and he loved it, whereas I was more than happy to stay behind the computer building products in Powerpoint behind the scenes.

Nope, being the face of my business and becoming a personal brand was the furthest thing from my mind when I got started online, that is for sure!

Unfortunately the online world was not prepared to stand still just to keep me happy, and very, very quickly technology, digital mediums and social media started to take over my once quiet introverted world of building an online business.

Just like you, I was not ready for the change, nor did I have any desire to embrace the change. In fact, to begin with I was in complete denial hoping like most of us did, that it was a fad and would go away.

Yep, I went in kicking and screaming NOT wanting to embrace any visual or digital mediums that meant I had to personally show my face in public….anywhere!

So I didn’t!

And for a while it did not impact my business at all and everything remained the same. Little did I realise that every day that I sat on the fence digging my heels in, was another day that others were growing faster and leaving me behind.

Then all of a sudden digital marketing exploded!

It was like a Tsunami that came out of nowhere. One minute there was a few videos popping up here and there and the next minute they were everywhere. You Tube, blog posts, sales videos and old Powerpoint training programs all started having face to camera training videos.

Within 6 months, every successful mentor I’d been learning from was using video to grow and market their business.

It was then I realised that I had two choices.
1. Learn how to master digital presenting, or…
2. Sit on the sidelines and watch those who did embrace this new medium catapult forward and leave me behind!

So I changed my mindset from one of having a ‘fear of failure and looking stupid and unprofessional online’…

…to one of…

“If they can do it…so can I!”

Yep, I threw my vanity out the window, put my big girl pants on and got out there and gave it a go.

As you saw in the video, my first attempts were far from perfect, in fact it is fair to say they were pretty shocking. I think, if I remember rightly, I shot that video 10 times just to get that one.

Yep, I was really, really, really bad in the beginning. But with Steve’s encouragement, I kept preservering, and each time I got a little better and with every video my confidence and improvement grew.

In fact, I cannot believe I have left this video up for so long… but I’m kinda glad I did because that imperfectly perfect video, represents a transformation that changed my life and my business forever.

I will be totally honest, I was not going to share it at all and then Steve said to me…

You have to be transparent Pam. You did not start out perfect, and it would be wrong to let others think that you were naturally gifted in front of the camera. Some of the women you are trying to help, are back where you once were. It is not about being embarrassed about your starting point, it’s about showing them what is possible if they are prepared to step outside of their own comfort zone, just like you did 8 years ago.”

I thought about it, and in my heart I knew he was right!

Don’t tell him I said that, I will never hear the end of it! 

So here it is, my real, raw and pretty horrific starting video in all my imperfect glory…but I share it with a purpose bigger than myself and that is to empower more women, just like you, to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace digital mediums with open arms.


Because the online world is getting crowded and if you do not learn to embrace the mediums of choice, of your target market, and remain in the shadows like I did for far too long, you will never reach or impact the thousands of people who you know you can help with your products, services and expertise.

Digital media leverage allows you to Inspire, Impact and Influence more people in a faster amount of time than any other medium I have ever used before.

Yes, there is a reason that nearly every social platform is embracing digital media marketing and communication including video, live stream and audio….it’s because people love it, and are consuming it more than any other communication mediums in history.

You definitely know something is working when all the TV stations and billion dollar corporations get off the fence and start jumping on board.

Here’s the exciting part, and the reason I am running my Digital Presenting Mastery 6 week Online Bootcamp in October… You can pre-register below to be the first notified when limited spots become available for registration.

The wave is only starting and you have an amazing opportunity to lead, leverage and excitedly embrace this digital revolution.

And I want to help you step up, learn Digital Presenting Mastery with me in October to unleash your inner Dynamic Digital Diva and start making a bigger impact while reaching thousands with your expertise around the world.

Yep, it’s true, when you think digital…start thinking global baby! There is no limits when you go digital and that is why it is so exciting….and the reason I’m sharing this video…

I want to empower, inspire and motivate YOU to embrace this digital revolution so you too can connect, communicate and convert with confidence using the latest digital communication and marketing technology online.

Digital Presenting is a skill that anyone can master. It’s also a lot of fun once you get over your fear of using it.

It has hands-down been my ‘#1 Success Leverage’ in my business over the last 8 years and can be highly profitable to your business growth including mentoring, coaching, marketing, conversion, list building,creating product suites and expertise assets plus, live global workshops and online masterminds.

Whether it be live streaming, pre-recorded video, mobile ‘real and raw’ or even audio and interactive digital books, Digital Presenting is a skill that any woman in business can and should master and leverage to their advantage.

Think Bigger and let me help you take your Digital Presenting talents to the next level.

Pam Brossman

Be Elite Exceed Expectations!

See You Next Week!
Pam Brossman

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