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Are You In A Niche? Sub Niche ? Or Sub, Sub Niche?

I was reading a really great book the other day by Russell Brunson called ‘Expert Secrets’. Highly recommend it and he was talking about people, those wanting to be experts, and the #1 mistake they were making in their business and I think he nailed it on the head.

How Can You Stand Out In Saturated Markets

The internet has changed a lot in the 10 years that I have been online. When I first got started, there was hardly anyone online. Especially women, it really was a mega boys club and not for the faint hearted.

But as more and more woman heard about the lifestyle benefits of working from home [a bit misleading] including:

  • spending times with the kids
  • working your own hours
  • lifestyle business
  • earn while you sleep

You know all the amazing stories that have been around for years? Can you tell me when you get that lifestyle ladies? I am still trying to figure out the ‘work life balance’ 10 years on.

But I digress…

With more and more people saturating just about every niche online, many people jumped into sub niches [that being a niche within a niche], and they did very well. For example:

When I got started with self publishing the market was already saturated, and I knew that before I even began. So I said to myself six years ago… what can I do within this niche, that was highly in demand to stand out? My one thing!

That is when I went into the sub niche of ‘Best Seller Marketing’. Very few people were focusing on people who wanted a #1 Best Seller, and I quickly dominated this end of the market which turned into a very lucrative business for me.

But as with most businesses, when someone sees you making money, they jump on in, and that too became saturated.

So once again I had to go back to the drawing board and either dump self publishing all together, OR…. find a sub, sub niche again to stand out!

I chose the latter and that is what I am doing with Expertise Publishing this year.

Are you going to broad in your niche?

Is there a sub, sub niche within your current niche that you can become an instant expert and dominate quickly?

Watch this week’s elite video and let’s see if you get some ideas!

Have an amazing day …Elite Woman!

Pam Brossman

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Pam Brossman
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