Have You Got Your IGTV Account Set Up Yet?

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Some Quick Tips:

Cool New Tool I Use To Market My Business Click Image For Details

  1. Go and download the app to your phone you can find it here
  2. If you want to learn more about what it is you can read the press announcement here
  3. You have to post your videos in portrait
  4. They must be pre-recorded which is easy, just record as normal and save to your phone and upload
  5. You will see a IGTV circle on your instagram account and you can also attach it to a facebook page as well.
  6. Subscribe to my Instagram Channel to learn how to leverage IGTV for business.
  7. You can also upload using Desktop but not everyone has it yet… I do, so make sure to watch my video tomorrow because I am going to show you step by step how to use it.
  8. Many of the 7 figure marketers are already launching their shows [Steve and I beat them to it]
  9. 10 mins maximum depending on how many followers you have… celebrity have 1 hour to unlimited
  10. Keep them under 5 mins that seems to be the common trend at the moment
  11. I will share with you some of the immediate marketing strategies I am seeing the top marketers use to maximise this new tool [trying to compete with YouTube]
  12. Use all the normal strategies like keywords and hashtags as per normal
  13. Give a call to action in every video
  14. Most importantly you can now have LIVE LINKS in the description. Nope you don’t have to send people to your bio anymore to get them to click if you have under 10k followers.

If you have any questions leave them below the video or come and join the conversation on https://facebook.com/pambrossmanlive

Most importantly… don’t sit on the sidelines… jump in and start leveraging it today.

I will be sharing more marketing strategies soon so make sure to keep an eye open for my next blog post.

Have an amazing day.

Pam Brossman | Expertise Marketing Mentor

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