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In this week’s How To Make Money Online I am sharing with you one of my favourite strategies that I have used in 2018 to make a significant amount of income online and that is called Outcome Based Learning.

Make sure to watch this week’s video and leave a comment below if you have any questions on how you can make money online using this same strategy in your own business in 2019.

Why Is This Style Of Learning So Popular?

Since Live Stream became widely accepted in the last 18 months people are wanting more and more access to the mentor in their learning. Before Live Stream you pretty much only could get live access to a course trainer or mentor at a live event or workshop. These days outcome based virtual live training events are the most popular form of training online and one that I highly recommend that you implement into your income plan for 2019.

How do you host them?

There are many ways that you can host Outcome Based Live Events including:

  • 30 Day Master Class in a private Facebook Group “paid”
  • Free 5-7 day Challenge in a private group on Facebook with an upsell to resources, training or event
  • 30 Day Master Class or Challenge with an extension [this was hugely successful for me]
  • 30 Day Master Class with an upsell to an ongoing membership mentoring program
  • 30 Day Master Class with a bonus live event [my husband does this very successfully for his Blueprint Conversion Programs]
  • 60-90 higher priced programs
  • There is no limits as to how you can structure your Outcome Based Live Events
  • If you are going to host them from your own website then make sure you have a reliable hosting platform for your blog or your website. I prefer to use Blue Host because they are very reliable and really cost effective, especially when you are just getting started online.

What Shopping Cart To Use To Sell Your Outcome Based Programs?

This one is my favourite by far… ThriveCart

ThriveCartI have been using the same shopping cart for 2 years now because it was built by a marketer to be used by marketers and it converts like crazy.

It includes:

  • Upsells and Downsells
  • Coupons
  • eCommerce functionality for stores
  • Plus, it has a built in affiliate program so at the end of the course my affiliates can promote my next Outcome Based Live Event and earn while they learn.

This cart has lifetime access for a short period of time before it becomes a monthly payment platform. If you want to check it out you can watch the Tutorial here.

Case Study Example – 30 Day Live Stream Challenge

The first time I ever tested this Outcome Based Live Training was with my 30 Day Live Stream Mastery Program and it was a huge success.

I made just under $20k in that program with a price point of $97 for 30 days.

Here is an example of what was included:

  • Private Facebook Group for weekly live training with me
  • 1 hour Live training per week
  • 1 hour Live Q&A per week
  • Weekly training material and downloads
  • Bonuses including video templates and thumbnails

Very simple to pre-sell and run from scratch or you can turn an existing evergreen program into a 30 Day Live Challenge at an increased price.

Outcome Based Live Training has been my biggest income stream in the last 2 years and it is a strategy I highly recommend you try for your own business.

It does not have to be 30 days, I have seen many 2 day weekend virtual events.

Ask your audience what works best for them and then set up your group, sales page and off you go.

Are you running Outcome Based Live Training online? If so share your experiences in the comments below I would love to hear what works best in your industry too.

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