Qualities Of An Elite Woman


elite: Superior ability and qualities above others. A person or group exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group.

Inspire | Influence | Impact

The key to becoming an elite woman is your ability to inspire people to take some form of action
and create positive change with your knowledge, expertise, and influence.

Elite Woman Traits or Aspirations

  • Born to lead
  • Believe in their vision
  • Confident in their knowledge and expertise
  • Thrives on excellence
  • Strives to always be better than yesterday’s best
  • Visionary
  • Calculated risk taker
  • Not afraid to fail forward
  • Action taker
  • Prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen
  • Entrepreneurial creative spirit
  • Loves to learn and elevate through investing in their education
  • Empathetic and philanthropic with their ventures
  • ‘Can Do’ attitude
  • Believes in limitless possibilities
  • Is ready, right now, to uplevel their thinking, brand, business to…

Be Elite | Exceed Expectations

I believe every woman [and man] is born to make a personal impact in their lifetime. My mission is to help you reach your highest pinnacle of personal success while having fun at the same time!

Have you ever wondered why some women find it easier to succeed than others?

Are you someone who continues to play small due to your shyness while on the inside you yearn to have the confidence to step out and play a bigger game?

Or, perhaps you are stuck on the ‘forever learning’ hamster wheel, making small progress, but still unable to burst through that six figure self sustaining income barrier.

Don’t worry these  minor speed humps are all overcomable.[Pam-ism].

And your success transformation starts today!

It is my mission, to help as many women as I can, personally transform their lives, create financial freedom for themselves and their loved ones and live a life of limitless possibilities.

To achieve that you need to take Elite Focused Actions

It is all about believing in YOU enough to:

Educate others with your wisdom, experience, knowledge and passion as an elite mentor

Enrich the lives of those you help with extraordinary communication, service and unforgettable experiences

Empower and be seen as a centre of influence by setting elite standards in everything you do

Elevate to your highest level to become your best self and aspire to reach your own personal pinnacle of success

EliteWomanInc’s vision is to help you empower, enrich and exceed your expectations and those for whom you serve.

Every day I see so many women living Ground Hog Day. Attending seminar, after seminar, events, workshops, webinars, summits, masterminds and other guru events wishing, wondering and dreaming that maybe one day it will be them sharing their gifts with the world.

Smart, intelligent, passionate women stuck on the ‘pretend’ aspiration treadmill. Spinning their wheels with cloudy, totally vacant uninspired expressions day in and day out. Women whose lives have plateaued into mediocrity, sitting on their unique gifts instead of transforming the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. Who’ve given up on their dreams, lost their confidence or stalled their personal growth, slowly succumbing to the sad realisation that this is as good as it’s going to get, and it saddens me.

And as I watch them struggling on the inside, it triggers in me a determination to help re-ignite their spark and get those of you who are ready, willing and committed back on track to becoming the elite woman you were born to be.

If I can empower, enrich and elevate one person into becoming their ‘best self’ this year, then I have achieved my goal!

Let’s see where you currently sit on the personal achievement ladder…

  1. Comfortable 
    Happy with your chosen destination, few aspirations, content and fulfilled. May aspire to elevate higher at some later stage, but content with your current comfort zone.
  2. Confused 
    Have not reached your desired destination. Lack clarity, have lost direction, stopped growing, treading water, frustrated, have self-belief issues and very little self-confidence, have big dreams but have lost your drive and momentum. Basically feeling stuck.
  3. Confident Elite Woman
    Your days are filled with purpose, passion, positioning, prosperity and personal Impact. Limitless personal growth opportunities and on track to fulfil your full potential while creating your own living legacy at the same time.

My personal goal and aspiration here at EliteWomanInc.com is to help more women, just like you, to catapult you towards Elite Woman status. so you can continue propelling yourself forward. And if you are anything like me, once you reach your desired destination, you’ll elevate higher. Why? Because the higher you go, the bigger the impact!

Success is a choice, and if you are who I know you are, it is time to step up Be Elite | Exceed Expectations

If you are looking for one-on-one mentoring email pam@pambrossman.com to discuss how we can establish your authority power positioning and premium digital brand, online this year.

You only get to live once….make it amazing!

Let’s Make It Happen!

Pam Brossman | 12 Times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author |Mentor | Speaker

Influencer Marketing Strategist For Women Knowledge Professionals